Programme Compilation

Person Year Event
Birch, Carol 2019 A Memorable Evening in Bermuda with Mark Twain
Blee, Kevin 2019 A Memorable Evening in Bermuda with Mark Twain
Campbell, Jenn 2019 A Memorable Evening in Bermuda with Mark Twain
Flood, Nicola 2018 Killing Carlisle
Flood, Nicola 2018 Right/Cross
Blee, Kevin 2018 No Name
Blee, Kevin 2018 If Someday A Painter
Blee, Kevin 2018 Tucker and Tucker
Blee, Kevin 2018 hEAR4U
Blee, Kevin 2018 The Dog
Blee, Kevin 2018 Playing By The Rules
Campbell, Jenn 2018 If Someday A Painter
Campbell, Jenn 2018 Tucker and Tucker
Campbell, Jenn 2018 The Dog
Campbell, Jenn 2018 No Name
Campbell, Jenn 2018 hEAR4U
Campbell, Jenn 2018 Playing By The Rules
Durner, Jack 2018 Daylesford Singers - Encore!
Muggleton, Emma 2018 The World Goes 'Round
Flood, Nicola 2018 Yes, Prime Minister
Flood, Nicola 2017 This Damned Job
Flood, Nicola 2017 Baby Steps
Flood, Nicola 2017 Nameless
Flood, Nicola 2017 American Dream
Flood, Nicola 2017 Time Traveller
Muggleton, Emma 2017 American Dream
Muggleton, Emma 2017 Time Traveller
Muggleton, Emma 2017 This Damned Job
Muggleton, Emma 2017 Baby Steps
Muggleton, Emma 2017 Nameless
Blee, Kevin 2017 Parabola
Blee, Kevin 2017 Oranges and Lemons
Blee, Kevin 2017 Intermission in Bermuda
Blee, Kevin 2017 Bycatch
Blee, Kevin 2017 S-D.I.R. - Like Biblical Esther
Blee, Kevin 2017 All Good Things...
Campbell, Jenn 2017 Parabola
Campbell, Jenn 2017 Oranges and Lemons
Campbell, Jenn 2017 S-D.I.R. - Like Biblical Esther
Campbell, Jenn 2017 All Good Things...
Campbell, Jenn 2017 Bycatch
Campbell, Jenn 2017 Intermission in Bermuda
Blee, Kevin P. 2016 Home Visits
Blee, Kevin P. 2016 Deep End
Blee, Kevin P. 2016 Underlying Truth
Blee, Kevin P. 2016 Fool's Mate
Blee, Kevin P. 2016 Thank You For Riding
Blee, Kevin P. 2016 Pecking Order
Campbell, Jennifer 2015 Treasure Island
Campbell, Jennifer 2015 Communicating Doors
Blee, Kevin P. 2015 Nemeses
Blee, Kevin P. 2015 Tell Me, Please
Blee, Kevin P. 2015 Sushi
Blee, Kevin P. 2015 101 Ways to Kill Janice
Blee, Kevin P. 2015 Graveyard Club
Blee, Kevin P. 2015 Cold Feet
Marsh, Peter 2015 Pied Piper
Blee, Kevin P. 2014 Cobb's Hill
Blee, Kevin P. 2014 Unfiltered
Blee, Kevin P. 2014 Too Many Elephants
Blee, Kevin P. 2014 Viewpoint
Blee, Kevin P. 2014 Just Deserts
Blee, Kevin P. 2014 No Heming Way!
Blee, Kevin P. 2013 It's Not The End of the World, Hannah
Blee, Kevin P. 2013 Pecan Pie
Blee, Kevin P. 2013 50 Shades of Beige
Blee, Kevin P. 2013 NACAD
Blee, Kevin P. 2013 Banana
Blee, Kevin P. 2013 We Wish You The Best In Your Future Endeavours
Marsh, Peter 2012 Aladdin
Osmond, Jennifer 2012 On A First Name Basis
Davies, Rebecca 2012 Straight From the Horse's Mouth
Davies, Rebecca 2012 A Little Bit of Heaven
Davies, Rebecca 2012 Appointment
Davies, Rebecca 2012 One Size Fits All
Davies, Rebecca 2012 A Thousand Words
Davies, Rebecca 2012 Still Life With Book
Osmond, Jennifer 2011 Cinderella
Wilkinson, Nicola 2011 Much Ado About Nothing
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2011 A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody
Osmond, Jennifer 2010 Firebird
Blee, Kevin P. 2010 Slip
Hintz, Adrienne 2010 Slip
Blee, Kevin P. 2010 A Long Engagement
Hintz, Adrienne 2010 A Long Engagement
Blee, Kevin P. 2010 Chance Encounter
Hintz, Adrienne 2010 Chance Encounter
Blee, Kevin P. 2010 Mason
Hintz, Adrienne 2010 Mason
Blee, Kevin P. 2010 Cockroaches
Hintz, Adrienne 2010 Cockroaches
Blee, Kevin P. 2010 I Love You Brady McGrady
Hintz, Adrienne 2010 I Love You Brady McGrady
Wilkinson, Nicola 2010 Fahrenheit 451
Bennett, James 2010 String of Pearls
Osmond, Jennifer 2010 Dad's Army
Makad, Jeanette 2009 Robin Hood
Hintz, Adrienne 2009 Shaming of the True
Hintz, Adrienne 2009 Trespasses
Hintz, Adrienne 2009 Country Fair
Hintz, Adrienne 2009 Piece Work
Hintz, Adrienne 2009 Royal Flush
Hintz, Adrienne 2009 Day's End
Wilkinson, Nicola 2009 Lockjaw - Suck Rocks & Molly Millers
Makad, Jeanette 2009 Missing Celia Rose
Little, Naomi 2009 Railway Children
Makad, Jeanette 2009 Absurdities of the Season
Osmond, Jennifer 2009 Absurdities of the Season
Makad, Jeanette 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
Blee, Kevin P. 2008 Donor
Blee, Kevin P. 2008 Going Somewhere
Blee, Kevin P. 2008 Fourteen Blueberries
Blee, Kevin P. 2008 Alphabet Soup
Blee, Kevin P. 2008 Inter-Mortem
Blee, Kevin P. 2008 All In The Same Boat
Hintz, Adrienne 2008 Inter-Mortem
Hintz, Adrienne 2008 Donor
Hintz, Adrienne 2008 Going Somewhere
Hintz, Adrienne 2008 Fourteen Blueberries
Hintz, Adrienne 2008 Alphabet Soup
Hintz, Adrienne 2008 All In The Same Boat
Osmond, Jennifer 2008 Intimate Apparel
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2007 Work of Fiction
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2007 Walk in the Park
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2007 Bermuda Triangle
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2007 Continuously Equidistant
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2007 9 Months
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2007 Grass is Greener
Wilkinson, Nicola 2007 Mystery of Edwin Drood
Foy, Evelyn 2006 Ali Baba and the 14 Thieves
Pereech, Natalie 2006 Popcorn
Pereech, Natalie 2006 Cemetery Club
Wilkinson, Nicola 2006 Beauty Queen of Leenane
Slaughter, Janet 2006 Pandora's Drawers
Slaughter, Janet 2006 Listers
Slaughter, Janet 2006 He Did It Again
Slaughter, Janet 2006 Start
Slaughter, Janet 2006 Art Lesson
Slaughter, Janet 2006 Hey Sister
Veri, Lillian 2005 Robinson Crusoe
Osmond, Jennifer 2005 Wit
Gray, Vanessa 2005 Proof
Wilkinson, Nicola 2005 Full Frontal Male Nudity
Wilkinson, Nicola 2005 Old Sailors Never Die
Wilkinson, Nicola 2005 Brothers Four
Wilkinson, Nicola 2005 Happy Ending
Wilkinson, Nicola 2005 White Cedars
Wilkinson, Nicola 2005 2152
Slaughter, Paul 2004 Lend Me A Tenor
Rego, Corrina 2004 Long Weekend
Birch, Carol 2004 Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Shane, Jo 2004 Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2004 Parallel Lives
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2004 Star Songs
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2004 Half Time
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2004 We Used to Laugh
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2004 Orange
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2004 Special Person
Gallant, Steve A. 2003 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2003 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Roberts, Hilary 2003 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Slaughter, Paul 2003 After the Fall
Tappy, Carol 2002 Cinderella
Gallant, Steve A. 2001 Scrooge, the Musical
Watts, Steve 2000 Major Star
Watts, Steve 2000 Amy and Amiability
Watts, Steve 2000 Bells
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2000 Hot Mikado
MacGregor, Evelyn 1999 Cherry Orchard
Yeomans, Cynthia 1999 Oleanna
Watts, Steve 1999 Last Bus Home
Watts, Steve 1999 Blood Donor
Watts, Steve 1999 Hancock in Hospital
Swain, Michael 1998 Old Mother Hubbard
Yates, Anita 1998 Old Mother Hubbard
Coffey, Helen 1997 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Farmer, Simon 1997 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Vallender, Ian 1996 Noises Off
Watts, Steve 1996 Noises Off
Callaghan, Brian 1995 Murder by Misadventure
Barritt, Christine 1995 Chorus of Disapproval
Watts, Steve 1995 Chorus of Disapproval
Hassell, Colin 1994 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
Littleboy, Christine 1994 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
Watts, Steve 1994 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
McCullagh, Susan 1992 Extremities
Taylor, Tim 1992 Shirley Valentine
Dodwell, Bonnie 1991 Jack and the Beanstalk
Gallant, Steve 1991 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Gallant, Steve A. 1990 Old Time Music Hall
Cabral, Warren 1989 Wizard of Oz
Kyme, Loretta 1989 Wizard of Oz
Stanton, Keith 1989 Once a Catholic
Kyme, Loretta 1988 Cinderella
Kyme, Loretta 1988 Dresser
Kyme, Loretta 1987 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Brindeau, Michelle 1987 Choral Christmas
Brindeau, Michelle 1987 Amahl and the Night Vistors
Kyme, Loretta 1985 Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Hirn-Van Wie, Deborah 1984 Pippin
Dey, Connie 1983 Toad of Toad Hall
Brown, Ellen 1983 Tapestry of Women
Bragg, Eve 1982 Whose Life Is It Anyway
Hooper, BarBara 1980 Jesus Christ Superstar
Phillips, Christine 1980 Jesus Christ Superstar
Smith, Valerie 1979 Habeas Corpus
Lovell, Marguerite 1979 Homecoming
Bragg, Eve 1978 Owl and the Pussycat went to see....
Dey, Connie 1978 My Fair Lady
McGovern, Suzie 1977 Dock Brief
McGovern, Suzie 1977 Real Inspector Hound
Blyth, Wendy 1977 Right Honourable Gentleman
Dey, Connie 1976 Little Matchgirl
Smith, Barbara 1976 Butterflies are Free
Dey, Connie 1976 Salad Days
Smith, Barbara 1976 How He Lied To Her Husband
Smith, Barbara 1976 Bear
Smith, Barbara 1976 Something Unspoken
Cameron, Keith 1975 Godspell
Cameron, Keith 1975 Tiger at the Gates
Cameron, Keith 1974 Romanoff and Juliet
Gould, Keith 1974 Romanoff and Juliet
Buchanan, Elin 1974 Mary Stuart - Queen of Scots
Bainbridge, Jane 1972 Puss in Boots
Harker, Chris 1972 Puss in Boots