Jesus Christ Superstar

Author : Rice, Tim
Author : Webber, Andrew Lloyd
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
28-May-1980 - 07-Jun-1980

Julian Hall and Buddy Hill shared the role of Judas.

Character Person
Annas MacFarlane, Len
Apostle Barbezat, Alain
Apostle Critchley, Owen
Apostle Daniels, Leonard 'Fluffy'
Apostle Hull, Rowland
Apostle Leers, Randy
Apostle Lewis, Sam
Apostle Outerbridge, Cotty
Apostle Rawlinson, Stephen
Apostle Sodergren, Albie
Apostle's Woman Bezant, Candice
Apostle's Woman Cabral, Karen
Apostle's Woman Davoli, Barbara
Apostle's Woman Dill, Ruth-Anne
Apostle's Woman Laws, Cindy
Apostle's Woman Roberts, Tricia
Apostle's Woman Shanks, Barbie
Apostle's Woman Smith, Kim
Bass Guitar Meredith, Rod
Caiaphas Morgan, Ken
Conductor Dill, Kenneth
Drums Profit, Peter
Flute James, Jenny
Guitar Dean, Kevin
Guitar Ward, Kirk
Herod Lewis, Sam
Herod's Courtier Benjamin, Verniece
Herod's Courtier Frith, Barbara
Herod's Courtier Troake, Jocelyn
Jesus of Nazareth Fell, Richard
Judas Hall, Julian
Judas Hill, Buddy
Maid by the fire Roberts, Tricia
Man Ebbin, Michael
Mary Magdalen Bean, Kathie Ransom
Old Man Hull, Rowland
Peter Barnett, John
Piano Smith, Raymond
Pilate Leers, Randy
Priest Birch, Ian
Priest Lamont, Tim
Priest Sherwood, David
Simon Zealotes Meridith, Mike
Soldier Ebbin, Michael
Soldier Ingram, Irving
Soldier Ming, Leonard
Soldier Trott, Perry
Trumpet Dill, Barritt
Trumpet Van Lee, Lyle
Viola Reed, Chris
Violin Burns, Sylvia
Violin Burrin, Philip
Role Person
Acknowledgement Dey, Connie
Acknowledgement Hughes, Idwal
Acknowledgement Lodge, Christopher
Acknowledgement Paynter, Dwayne
Acknowledgement Stigwood, Robert
Assistant Production Manager Wells, Bernard
Assistant Stage Manager Finnerty, Margot
Assistant Stage Manager Lobb, Graham
Assistant Stage Manager Thomas, Dai
Assistant to Director McKenzie, Maureen
Box Office Crick, Beverley
Box Office Lowry, Veronica
Box Office Orman, Daphne
Box Office Manager Manuel, Candy
Business Manager Hayden, Richard
Choreography Price, Ricky
Costume Design Dempster, Sheila
Costumes Bendell, Annette
Costumes Christopher, Enid
Costumes Dill, Roberta
Costumes Hill, Monica
Costumes Johann, Elizabeth
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Costumes Jorstad, Dorothy-Ann
Costumes Kulessa, Wayne
Costumes Laing, Meva
Costumes Langmead, Elizabeth
Costumes McCammont, Fiona
Costumes Moffett, Jenny
Costumes Tattoo, Christine
Costumes Watkinson, Elaine
Costumes Wingate, Elizabeth
Deputy Stage Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Director Price, Ricky
Front of House Burke, Phillipa
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Hairstyling Colin
Lighting Design Juett, Lin
Lights Brangman, Nealton
Lights Brown, Glen
Lights Gibbons, Annette
Lights Lough, John
Make-up Boyce, Pauline
Make-up Cothliffe, Harriet
Make-up Dickinson-Bento, Lynne
Make-up Hall, Beth
Make-up Johnson, Irene
Make-up Lundy, Colette
Make-up Measures, Sue
Make-up Meridith, Donna
Photographer Birch, Ian
Poster Fell, Richard
Production Manager Instone, Sue
Programme Compilation Hooper, BarBara
Programme Compilation Phillips, Christine
Properties Bragg, Eve
Properties Lea, Kathleen
Properties McArthur, Betty
Properties Moxon, Janice
Properties Smith, Carol
Properties Smith, Valerie
Properties Taylor, Judy
Properties Thomas, Marion
Properties Urquhart, Madeleine
Properties Wheadon, Valerie
Properties Head Bean, Ouida
Publicity Phillips, Gary
Publicity Simons, Nelda
Set Construction Instone, John
Set Construction Knowles, Derek
Set Construction Lewis, Sam
Set Construction Lobb, Graham
Set Construction Lough, John
Set Construction MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Construction McIntosh, Philip
Set Construction Rowley, Rob
Set Construction Head MacKenzie, Peter
Set Design Pengilley, Michael
Sound Marshall, Ian
Sound Perry, Richard
Sound Head McIntosh, Philip
Stage Manager Taylor, Philip
Wardrobe Bruce, Angela
Wardrobe Christopher, Enid
Wardrobe Dey, Connie
Wardrobe Dill, Roberta
Wardrobe Hill, Monica
Wardrobe Jones, Barbara M.
Wardrobe Mullings, Sandra
Wardrobe Murray-Lyon, Alexis
Wardrobe Nicholson, Valerie
Wardrobe Phillips, Christine
Wardrobe Saunders, Sheila
Wardrobe Mistress Spring, Frances