Amy and Amiability

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Author : Curtis, Richard
Author : Elton, Ben
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
19-Jun-2000 - 24-Jun-2000


Role Person
Acknowledgement Taylor, Tim
Assistant Producer Tappy, Carol
Assistant Stage Manager Butterfield, Jeane
Box Office Kendall, Angela
Box Office MacGregor, Evelyn
Box Office Simmonds, Karen
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Director Jones, Barbara M.
Front of House Rushe, Claire
Hair Birch, Carol
House Manager Corlett, Derek
House Manager Harris, Anna
House Manager Lee-Emery, Adrian
House Manager Moore, Valerie
House Manager Rushe, Claire
House Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Watts, Steve
Make-up Hampshire, Susan
Poster Taylor, Tim
Producer Watts, Steve
Programme Compilation Watts, Steve
Properties Hannant, Jean
Properties McMaster, Jane
Properties Redahan, Carol
Properties Head Bates, Hayley
Set Construction Luckham, Kevin
Set Construction Watts, Steve
Set Painting Harris, Anna
Set Painting Luckham, Kevin
Set Painting Redahan, Carol
Set Painting Redahan, Ruth
Set Painting Tappy, Carol
Set Painting Watts, Steve
Sound Brier, Jim
Sound Gardner, John
Sound Hintz, Adrienne
Sound Luckham, Kevin
Sound Design Gardner, John
Sound Design Hintz, Adrienne
Stage Manager Lounsbury, Gary
Transportation Consultant Valfridsson, Reine
Usher Birch, Carol
Usher Brown, Shirley N.
Usher Davey, Penny
Usher Ellison, Frank
Usher Ellison, Vera
Usher Gentleman, Angela
Usher Hannant, Jean
Usher Harris, Anna
Usher Mello, Jenny
Usher Moore, Valerie
Usher Rhodes, Sue
Usher Rushe, Claire
Usher Tufts, Jennifer
Usher Williams, Janice
Wardrobe Bailey, Sue
Wardrobe Bates, Hayley
Wardrobe Hannant, Jean
Wardrobe Petty, Greta
Weapon Wizard Maccoy, Paul