Alphabet Soup

part of

Famous for 15 Minutes

Author : Penn, Karenmary
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
21-Jul-2008 - 26-Jul-2008


Role Person
Acknowledgement Birch, Carol
Acknowledgement Burgess, Mark
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Than
Acknowledgement Coash, Julie
Acknowledgement Coash, Tom
Acknowledgement Dakin, Coral
Acknowledgement Duxbury, Martin
Acknowledgement Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Acknowledgement Johnson III, Clifford Lee
Acknowledgement Raposo, Jacqueline
Acknowledgement Taylor, Gary
Acknowledgement Tiffin, Donna
Acknowledgement Woodley, Robert
Assistant Stage Manager Mellor, Bob
Auditions Co-ordinator Butterfield, Than
Bar Osmond, Jennifer
Bartender Chapman, Sarah
Bartender Duffy, Janice
Bartender Hadler, Elizabeth
Bartender Hastings-Smith, Julie
Bartender Kennedy, Alan
Bartender Mayne, Melinda
Bartender Smith-Joell, Deborah
Bartender Szeller, Jeanette
Bartender Webb, Kim
Bartender West, Yvonne
Box Office Dakin, Coral
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Potts, Margaret
Box Office Redahan, Carol
Box Office Szeller, Jeanette
Box Office Veldhuizen, Margaret
Box Office Manager Kulmala, Andrea
Crew Blee, Kevin P.
Crew Gardner, John
Crew MacDonald, Kevin
Crew O'Connell, Brendan
Crew Pauwels-Pedro, Mia
Crew Wallace, David
Crew Boss Mellor, Bob
Deputy Stage Manager Burrell, Jenny
Director Wilkinson, Nicola
Front of House Adwick, Peter
Front of House Bawn, Susan
Front of House Bendell, Sue
Front of House Chapman, Sarah
Front of House DeGrace, Bill
Front of House Dobbie, Monica
Front of House Goodfellow, Delight
Front of House Harris, Anna
Front of House Mayne, Craig
Front of House Mayne, Melinda
Front of House Nicholls, Liz
Front of House Pauwels-Pedro, Mia
Front of House Rendell, Grahame
Front of House Slaughter, Janet
Front of House Slaughter, Paul
Gala Catering Blee, Kevin P.
Gala Catering Hintz, Adrienne
Gala Catering McIntosh, Philip
Invited Audience Hintz, Adrienne
Judge McCulloch, Jane
Lighting Design Brier, Mary
Lights Burkholder, Ray
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Langille, Bonnie
Lights Maryam, Zawditu
Lights McGrath, Nick
Lights Pope, George
Master of Ceremonies Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Photographer Blee, Kevin P.
Poster Birch, Carol
Producer Blee, Kevin P.
Producer Hintz, Adrienne
Producer McIntosh, Philip
Programme Compilation Blee, Kevin P.
Programme Compilation Hintz, Adrienne
Properties Knight, Liz
Properties McIntosh, Hollie
Properties Nicholls, Claire
Properties Rushe, Claire
Properties Webb, Kim
Properties Head Doars, Da'Shawn
Publicity MacGregor, Evelyn
Publicity Assistant Hintz, Adrienne
Reading Panel Coash, Tom
Reading Panel Johnson III, Clifford Lee
Reading Panel Raposo, Jacqueline
Rehearsal Schedule Hintz, Adrienne
Set Construction Blee, Kevin P.
Set Construction Butterfield, Than
Set Construction Jolliffe, Don
Set Construction MacDonald, Kevin
Set Construction McGrath, Nick
Set Construction O'Connell, Brendan
Set Construction Pope, George
Set Construction Wilkinson, Nicola
Set Construction Head McIntosh, Philip
Sound Gardner, John
Sound Design Smith, Tommy
Stage Manager Edmunds, Dianne
Videography Joell, Vorhees
Website Burkholder, Ray