Murder by Misadventure

Author : Taylor, Edward
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
23-Oct-1995 - 28-Oct-1995


Role Person
Acknowledgement Watts, Steve
Assistant Stage Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Box Office MacGregor, Evelyn
Crew Bendell, Sue
Crew Foster, Brian
Crew Grubesich, Denise
Crew Hyross, Stefan
Crew Klesniks, Richard
Crew Leseur, Andrew
Crew Lounsbury, Gary
Crew Thomson, John
Crew Whalley, Andrew
Crew Widdowson, Brendan
Director Wilson, Gavin
Front of House Callaghan, Brian
Front of House Callaghan, Madeline
Lighting Design Hallett, Annette
Lights Bendell, Sue
Lights Larzleer, Brian
Lights Lewis, Jaqui
Lights Smith, Margaret
Lights Waddell, Beverley
Poster Taylor, Tim
Producer MacGregor, Evelyn
Programme Compilation Callaghan, Brian
Publicity Wilson, Linda
Set Construction Bendell, Sue
Set Construction Dudden, Steve
Set Construction Foster, Brian
Set Construction Grubesich, Denise
Set Construction Hyross, Stefan
Set Construction Klesniks, Richard
Set Construction Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction Leseur, Andrew
Set Construction Lounsbury, Gary
Set Construction Thomson, John
Set Construction Whalley, Andrew
Set Construction Widdowson, Brendan
Set Design Bendell, Sue
Set Design Lounsbury, Gary
Set Design Thomson, John
Set Dressing & Properties Bendell, Sue
Set Dressing & Properties Brown, Shirley N.
Set Dressing & Properties Dodwell, Bonnie
Set Dressing & Properties Hannant, Jean
Set Dressing & Properties Shirley, Candy
Set Dressing & Properties Shirley, Holly
Set Dressing & Properties Shirley, Susan
Set Painting Bendell, Sue
Set Painting Grubesich, Denise
Set Painting Lounsbury, Gary
Set Painting Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Smith, Margaret
Sound Tavares, Michael
Sound Whalley, Andrew
Stage Manager Dudden, Steve
Technical Consultant Callaghan, Brian