The World Goes 'Round

Conceived by : Ellis, Scott
Conceived by : Stroman, Susan
Conceived by : Thompson, David
Lyrics : Ebb, Fred
Music : Kander, John
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
17-May-2018 - 24-May-2018


Role Person
Acknowledgement Brunson, Jon
Acknowledgement Cavaliere, Sandro
Acknowledgement Day, Ryan
Acknowledgement Hamilton, Mark
Acknowledgement Molinari, Francesco
Acknowledgement Smith, Tommy
Assistant Stage Manager Correia, Debby
Assistant Stage Manager Siese, Lisa
Bartender Correia, Debby
Bartender Martin, Diana
Bartender Matcham, Hilda
Bartender O'Sullivan, Siobhan
Bartender Rumbelow, Megan
Bartender Smith-Joell, Deborah
Bartender Strachan, Ian
Bass Kyme, Kate
Box Office Tavares, Sherry
Box Office Manager Kulmala, Andrea
Cast & Crew Party Correia, Josh
Choreography Morrell, Charlotte
Director Hallett, Paige
Drums/Percussion Bean, Shelton
Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone Pitman, David
Front of House Manager Dobbie, Monica
House Manager/Usher Angiers, Shawn
House Manager/Usher Bardgett, Laura
House Manager/Usher Beasley, Lorraine
House Manager/Usher Birch, Carol
House Manager/Usher Browne, Sally
House Manager/Usher Chilvers, Heather
House Manager/Usher Heaney, Joanna
House Manager/Usher Lomas, Keren
House Manager/Usher Matcham, Hilda
House Manager/Usher McLean, Janice
House Manager/Usher Rendell, Grahame
House Manager/Usher Smith, Tudor
House Manager/Usher Whitestone, Christine
Invited Audience Day, Kim
Keyboard Ross, Kate
Lighting Design Brier, Mary
Lights Brier, Jym
Lights Joell, Vorhees
Musical Director Maule, Lisa
Patrons' Booking Kulmala, Andrea
Photographer MacDonald, Kevin
Piano Maule, Lisa
Poster & Programme Design Birch, Carol
Producer Knight, Liz
Producer Muggleton, Emma
Programme Compilation Muggleton, Emma
Properties Head Willmott, Hannah
Publicity Campbell, Jenn
Publicity - Social Media Chilvers, Heather
Set Construction Biffin, Martin
Set Construction Cavaliere, Sandro
Set Construction Lake, Steve
Set Construction MacDonald, Kevin
Set Construction O'Sullivan, Adrian
Set Construction Head Wright, Paul
Set Dressing Head Willmott, Hannah
Set Painting Gauntlett, Adam
Set Painting Gurret, Nicky
Set Painting MacKrill, Esme
Set Painting Head Stewart, Tim
Show Bar Manager Amott, Sandy
Sound Consultant Waddell, John
Sound Design Onyia, Olivia
Sound Operation Furbert, Johnae
Stage Manager Doars, Dee
Stage Manager Edmunds, Dee
Trumpet/Flugelhorn Ross, Matthew