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Famous for 15 Minutes

Author : Johnston-Barnes, Owain
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
12-Aug-2010 - 21-Aug-2010


Character Person
Harold Hind, Mike
Maggie Wilkinson, Nicola


Role Person
Acknowledgement Birch, Carol
Acknowledgement Burgess, Mark
Acknowledgement Coash, Julie
Acknowledgement Coash, Tom
Acknowledgement Finnegan, Mark
Acknowledgement Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Acknowledgement Knight, Freddy
Acknowledgement Pereech, Natalie
Acknowledgement Rozell, Vickie
Acknowledgement Taylor, Gary
Acknowledgement Wright, Rebecca
Assistant Stage Manager Brier, Mary
Assistant Stage Manager Goudie, Paula
Bar Amott, Sandy
Bar Anderson, Vicky
Bar Brooks, Alan
Bar Davlin, Eoin
Bar Hadler, Elizabeth
Bar Hallett, Annette
Bar Harris, Anna
Bar Hastings-Smith, Julie
Bar Langille, Bonnie
Bar Martin, Diana
Bar Naugler, Michael
Bar Nicholls, Claire
Bar Osmond, Jennifer
Bar Pauwels, Mia
Bar Smith-Joell, Deborah
Bar Stervinou, Jennifer
Bar Tonry, Claire
Bar White, Ellen
Bar Willmott, Hannah
Box Office Dakin, Coral
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Box Office Potts, Margaret
Box Office Robertson, Sheilagh
Box Office Szeller, Jeanette
Box Office Tavares, Sherry
Box Office Valadao, Nicole
Box Office Veldhuizen, Margaret
Crew Arorash, Joanne
Crew Crampton, Alex
Crew Kaye, Miriam
Crew Pereech, Natalie
Crew Williams, Howard
Director Knight, Liz
Front of House Adwick, Peter
Front of House Bendell, Sue
Front of House Brown, Shirley N.
Front of House Burrell, Jenny
Front of House Butterfield, Than
Front of House Cox, Margot
Front of House Dale, Betty
Front of House Hamza, Nadia
Front of House Harris, Anna
Front of House Hintz, Adrienne
Front of House Jones, Terry
Front of House Langille, Bonnie
Front of House Lee-Emery, Adrian
Front of House Lomas, Keren
Front of House McIntosh, Philip
Front of House Nicholls, Claire
Front of House Pauwels, Mia
Front of House Ray, Candy
Front of House Rendell, Grahame
Front of House Rendell, Monica
Front of House Robertson, Sheilagh
Front of House Shane, Jo
Front of House Wallace, David
Gala Catering Hintz, Adrienne
Gala Catering McIntosh, Hollie
Gala Catering McIntosh, Philip
Gala Catering Pereech, Natalie
Invited Audience Hintz, Adrienne
Judge August, Ian
Lighting Design Burkholder, Ray
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Nicholls, Claire
Master of Ceremonies Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Photographer Blee, Kevin P.
Poster Birch, Carol
Poster Burgess, Mark
Producer Blee, Kevin P.
Producer Hintz, Adrienne
Producer McIntosh, Philip
Programme Compilation Blee, Kevin P.
Programme Compilation Hintz, Adrienne
Prompt Pereech, Natalie
Properties McIntosh, Hollie
Properties McIntosh, Philip
Properties Rushe, Claire
Publicity Hintz, Adrienne
Reading Panel Coash, Tom
Reading Panel Rozell, Vickie
Reading Panel Wright, Rebecca
Rehearsal Schedule Hintz, Adrienne
Set Construction & Painting Blee, Kevin P.
Set Construction & Painting MacDonald, Kevin
Set Construction & Painting McIntosh, Philip
Sound Durrant, Ryan
Sound Raines, Rasheedah
Sound Design Cooper, Marcus
Sound Design Gardner, John
Stage Manager Edmunds, Dianne
Videography Joell, Vorhees
Website Cooper, Marcus