Absurdities of the Season

Author : Ionescu, Eugene
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
23-Feb-2009 - 28-Feb-2009


Role Person
Acknowledgement Caines, Che
Acknowledgement Frith, Geoffrey
Acknowledgement Frith, Mary
Acknowledgement Jones, Barbara M.
Acknowledgement Loxton, Anne
Acknowledgement Osmond, Jennifer
Acknowledgement Palacio, Manuel
Acknowledgement Pitcher, Howard
Acknowledgement Scaife, Marion
Assistant Stage Manager Mellor, Bob
Assistant Stage Manager Nicholls, Claire
Bartender Brooks, Alan
Bartender Brown, David
Bartender Chapman, Sarah
Bartender Crysler, Susan
Bartender Frith, Geoffrey
Bartender Kaye, Miriam
Bartender Langille, Bonnie
Bartender Martin, Diana
Bartender Mayne, Melinda
Bartender Osmond, Jennifer
Bartender Pauwels, Mia
Bartender West, Yvonne
Box Office Bunker, Catherine
Box Office Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Box Office Dakin, Coral
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Box Office MacGregor, Evelyn
Box Office Potts, Margaret
Box Office Robertson, Sheilagh
Box Office Trembath, Nicole
Box Office Veldhuizen, Margaret
Cast & Crew Party Jones, Barbara M.
Cast & Crew Party Jones, Liz
Cast & Crew Party Osmond, Jennifer
Cast & Crew Party Wilkinson, Nicola
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Crew Brooks, Alan
Crew Larzleer, Helen
Crew McGrath, Nick
Crew Mellor, Bob
Crew Nicholls, Claire
Crew Smith, Erin
Deputy Stage Manager Larzleer, Helen
Director Jones, Doug
Furniture Modification Jones, Doug
Furniture Modification Zuill, David
Hair & Make-up Crockwell, Sue
House Manager/Usher Adwick, Peter
House Manager/Usher Bendell, Sue
House Manager/Usher Fell, Richard
House Manager/Usher Frith, Geoffrey
House Manager/Usher Gauntlett, Adam
House Manager/Usher Hamza, Nadia
House Manager/Usher Hopkins, Mary
House Manager/Usher Lewis, Gareth
House Manager/Usher Lomas, Keren
House Manager/Usher Martin, Diana
House Manager/Usher Osmond, Jennifer
House Manager/Usher Pauwels, Mia
House Manager/Usher Pitcher, Sean
House Manager/Usher Rendell, Grahame
House Manager/Usher Smith, Elaine
House Manager/Usher Smith, Greg
Lights Burkholder, Ray
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Poster & Programme Cover Weinraub, Linda
Producer Larzleer, Helen
Producer Osmond, Jennifer
Producer Wilkinson, Nicola
Programme Compilation Makad, Jeanette
Programme Compilation Osmond, Jennifer
Prompt Jones, Liz
Proof Reading Hannant, Jean
Publicity Osmond, Jennifer
Radio Ad Production Jones, Doug
Radio Ad Production Osmond, Jennifer
Radio Ad Production Smith, Erin
Radio Ad Production Smith, Tommy
Scenery Painting Nicholls, Claire
Set Construction Butterfield, Than
Set Construction Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Set Construction McGrath, Nick
Set Construction McIntosh, Philip
Set Construction Pope, George
Set Construction Thomas, Derek
Set Construction Wilkinson, Nicola
Set Consultant Weinraub, Linda
Set Design McIntosh, Philip
Set Design Wilkinson, Nicola
Set Design Concept Campbell, Giles
Set Dressing Osmond, Jennifer
Set Dressing Wilkinson, Nicola
Set Painting Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Set Painting Johns, Schereene
Set Painting Lamb, Graham
Set Painting Nicholls, Claire
Set Painting Nicholls, Liz
Set Painting Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Shane, Jo
Set Painting Webb, Kim
Set Painting Wilkinson, Nicola
Sound Cooper, Marcus
Sound Gardner, John
Sound Smith, Tommy
Stage Manager Wilkinson, Nicola