Lend Me A Tenor

Author : Ludwig, Ken
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
16-Sep-2004 - 25-Sep-2004
Character Person
Bellhop Harney, Paul
Diana Butterfield, Jeane
Julia Notman, Susanne
Maggie Hans Kromer, Marie
Maria Shane, Jo
Max Nester, Matthew
Saunders Webb, Brian
Tito Merelli Angiers, Shawn
Role Person
Acknowledgement Abend, Ana
Acknowledgement Burgess, Charlene
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Jeane
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Than
Acknowledgement Gauthier, Donna
Acknowledgement Groves, Rose Mary
Acknowledgement Hastings-Smith, Julie
Acknowledgement Labonte, Andre
Acknowledgement Macpherson, Jaimie
Acknowledgement Morrison, Chris
Acknowledgement Nairn, David
Acknowledgement Notman, Stephen
Acknowledgement Tatem, Charles
Acknowledgement Tucker, Dal
Acknowledgement Way, Leisa
Assistant Stage Manager Gauthier, Donna
Assistant to Director Jones, Phillip
Bar Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Box Office Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Box Office Gillespie, Deletta
Box Office Harney, Cheryl
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Kemper, Lisa
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Box Office Lennon, Jeanette
Box Office Potts, Margaret
Box Office Redahan, Carol
Box Office Smatt, Vivian
Box Office Speakman, Denise
Box Office Trembath, Nicole
Box Office Veldhuizen, Margaret
Box Office Watts, Steve
Cast & Crew Party Slaughter, Janet
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Director Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Front of House Callaghan, Brian
Hair Dillas, Neldrika
Hair Kitson, Jacqui
Hair Stowe, Penny
House Manager/Usher Adwick, Peter
House Manager/Usher Barker, Gertie
House Manager/Usher Bawn, Susan
House Manager/Usher Beach, Ann
House Manager/Usher Bendell, Sue
House Manager/Usher Birch, Carol
House Manager/Usher Bowness, Deborah
House Manager/Usher Brown, Shirley N.
House Manager/Usher Callaghan, Brian
House Manager/Usher Crook, Elaine
House Manager/Usher Dakin, Clive
House Manager/Usher Harrison, Nicole
House Manager/Usher Johnston, Sue
House Manager/Usher Kemper, Lisa
House Manager/Usher Lorhan, John
House Manager/Usher MacGregor, Evelyn
House Manager/Usher Melotti, Anna
House Manager/Usher Moffett, Jenny
House Manager/Usher Musso, Louisa
House Manager/Usher Pitcher, Sean
House Manager/Usher Pitchford, Jill
House Manager/Usher Rayner, Eugene
House Manager/Usher Roberts, Hilary
House Manager/Usher Simmonds, Karen
House Manager/Usher Swain, Anita
House Manager/Usher Swain, Michael
House Manager/Usher Tavares, Toni
House Manager/Usher Trembath, Nicole
House Manager/Usher Udoh, Shella
House Manager/Usher Watts, Steve
Invited Audience Udoh, Shella
Lighting Design Brier, Mary
Lighting Design Gibbons, Barry
Lighting Design Watts, Steve
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Gibbons, Barry
Lights Martin, Craig
Make-up Avis, Chloe
Make-up Burrell, Jenny
Make-up Payne, Rebecca
Make-up Rubidge, Annaka
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Poster Tucker, Sara
Producer Wilkinson, Nicola
Programme Gallant, Steve
Programme Compilation Slaughter, Paul
Prompt Robertson, Sheilagh
Properties Holder, Robin
Properties Maule, Graham
Properties Willmott, Hannah
Publicity MacGregor, Evelyn
Radio Announcer Durner, Jack
Set Construction Benn, Malcolm
Set Construction Blanchard, Dan
Set Construction Craft, Russell
Set Construction Godfrey, Henry
Set Construction Labonte, Andre
Set Construction Lee, Allan
Set Construction Watts, Steve
Set Design Hastings-Smith, Julie
Set Dressing Fell, Richard
Set Dressing MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Painting Craft, Russell
Set Painting Di Rocco, Maria
Set Painting English, Shane
Set Painting Filson, MJ
Set Painting Gatje, Sue
Set Painting Gauthier, Donna
Set Painting Godfrey, Judy
Set Painting Hastings-Smith, Julie
Set Painting Labonte, Andre
Set Painting Martin, Craig
Set Painting Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Rebello, Susan
Set Painting Stuckless, Mark
Sound Brier, Jim
Sound Jackson, Amanda
Sound Martin, Craig
Sound Design Brier, Jim
Stage Manager Duffy, Janice
Wardrobe Dixon, Gareth
Wardrobe Harrison, Nicole
Wardrobe Hintz, Adrienne
Wardrobe Kemper, Lisa
Wardrobe Moffett, Jenny
Wardrobe Musco, Louisa
Wardrobe Nicholls, Liz
Wardrobe Powell, JoAnna
Wardrobe Pyrah, Janet