Tiger at the Gates

Author : Fry, Christopher
Author : Giraudoux, Jean
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
17-Mar-1975 - 22-Mar-1975

First production at BMDS of this show was a decade earlier.


Role Person
Assistance Burbridge, Janet
Assistance Fraser-Smith, Lesley
Assistance Mello, Jennifer
Assistant Production Manager Mello, Jennifer
Assistant Stage Manager Bowers, Marjorie
Assistant Stage Manager Briggs, Dorothy
Assistant Stage Manager Cameron, Keith
Assistant Stage Manager McIntosh, Philip
Costume Design Greaves, Susan
Costumes Banbury, Chris
Costumes Briggs, Dorothy
Costumes Cassingham, Susan
Costumes Hallett, Bonnie
Costumes Hamilton, Barbara
Deputy Stage Manager Roland, Harvey
Director Eames, Peter
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Hair Besengo, Andre
Hair Rough, Ray
Lighting Design Cobbold, Ernest
Lights Cobbold, Ernest
Lights Farley, Lesley
Lights Juett, Lin
Lights Lough, John
Lights Ramsbottom, Peter
Lights Shailer, Barry
Lights Watson, Kathy
Make-up Foggo, Aloama
Make-up Mucklow, Karen
Make-up Onions, Maureen
Make-up Taylor, Carol
Make-up Williams, Kim
Make-up Head Sherman, Roger W.
Poster Eames, Lesley
Production Manager Wheeler, Susan
Programme Compilation Cameron, Keith
Prompt Gibbons, Annette
Properties Ewles, Linda
Properties Kelly, Lesley
Properties McGovern, Suzie
Properties Sampson, Diane
Properties Shailer, Pamela
Properties Smith, Barbara
Properties Smith, Valerie
Properties Head Bragg, Eve
Publicity Jensen, Vicki
Publicity White, Beatrice
Set Construction & Painting Barnard, Linda
Set Construction & Painting Bolton, David
Set Construction & Painting Bowers, John
Set Construction & Painting Hiscocks, Tony
Set Construction & Painting Hodgson, Malcolm
Set Construction & Painting McIntosh, Philip
Set Construction & Painting Sampson, Diane
Set Construction & Painting Sampson, Mike
Set Construction & Painting Watson, Kathy
Set Construction & Painting Wheeler, Susan
Set Construction Head Cassingham, Roger
Set Design Pengilley, Michael
Sound Crick, Beverley
Sound Hallett, Bonnie
Sound Head Walters, Mike
Stage Manager Openshaw, Clive
Wardrobe Cassingham, Susan
Wardrobe Cook, Marie
Wardrobe Fahy, Sheilagh
Wardrobe Hanson, Paula
Wardrobe Mello, Jennifer
Wardrobe Siggins, Margaret
Wardrobe Wilson, Wendy
Wardrobe Mistress Perry, Irene