Pied Piper

Author : Moger, Doreen
Venue : Ruth Seaton James Auditorium
22-Jan-2015 - 25-Jan-2015


Role Person
Acknowledgement Campbell, Jennifer
Acknowledgement Campbell, Nick
Acknowledgement Fitzsimmons, James
Acknowledgement Hicks-Badger, David
Acknowledgement Martins, Gail
Acknowledgement Mello, Roger
Acknowledgement Mulder, Barbara
Acknowledgement Swain, Anita
Acknowledgement Swain, Michael
Acknowledgement Tatem, Joan
Acknowledgement Tucker, Johnae
Acknowledgement Tucker, Sara
Acknowledgement Waddell, John
Acknowledgement Webb, Kim
Acknowledgement Weinraub, Linda
Artistic Director Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Artistic Producer Shane, Jo
Assistant Stage Manager McLean, Janice
Assistant to Director Knight, Liz
Bar Coordinator Anderson, Vicky
Bartender Amott, Sandy
Bartender Anderson, Vicky
Bartender Andrade, David
Bartender Bardgett, Laura
Bartender Correia, Abby
Bartender Correia, Josh
Bartender Goulding, Andrew
Bartender Hall, Theresa
Bartender Legere, Bob
Bartender Low, Christine
Bartender Martin, Diana
Bartender Naugler, Michael
Bartender Rivera, Dan
Bartender Samson, Jackie
Bartender Viera, Ron
Bartender Zuill, Mark
Between Show Catering Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Box Office Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Box Office Dakin, Coral
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Box Office Tavares, Sherry
Box Office Valadao, Nicole
Box Office Veldhuizen, Margaret
Box Office Manager Kulmala, Andrea
Candy Rota Day, Kim
Candy Thrower Cannonier, Inanna
Candy Thrower Cannonier, Vidya
Candy Thrower Gazzard, Natalie
Candy Thrower Harrison, Rebecca
Candy Thrower Manuel, Jocelyn
Candy Thrower Outerbridge, Olivia
Candy Thrower Rance, Katarina
Candy Thrower Thompson, Claire
Cast & Crew Party Swain, Anita
Cast & Crew Party Swain, Michael
Chief Rodent Howell, Janice
Child Chorus Supervisor Exell, Stacey
Child Minder Bascome, Shirlene
Child Minder Bolin, Kim
Child Minder Bridgewater, Monique
Child Minder Cooper, Helen
Child Minder Day, Courtney
Child Minder Hosier, Louise
Child Minder Minors, Patrice
Child Minder Morrison, Jennifer
Child Minder Mortimer, Rebecca
Child Minder Skinner, Jennifer
Child Minder Smit, Jalila
Child Minder Weidenborner, Janice
Child Minder Zuill, Asa
Choreography Cannonier, Sophia
Costume Design Chilvers, Heather
Costume Design Jones, Barbara M.
Costume Design Outerbridge, Barbara
Costume Design Roberts-Semos, Mandy
Costume Design Shane, Jo
Crew Biffin, Martin
Crew Heap, Philip
Crew Howarth, Greg
Crew Johnson, Scott
Crew Lathan, Richie
Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Crew MacDonald, Kevin
Crew Mahon, Patrick
Crew Osmond, Jennifer
Crew Rosati, A. Damon Jr.
Crew Wright, Paul
Flies Gardner, John
Flies Co-Ordinator Birch, Carol
Front of House Swain, Anita
Hair & Make-up Collins, Hannah
Hair & Make-up Correia, Tiana
Hair & Make-up Davis, Brooke
Hair & Make-up Davis, Sharon
Hair & Make-up Fields, Hannah
Hair & Make-up Fields, Keira
Hair & Make-up McGlynn, Elaine
Hair & Make-up Rance, Caroline
Hair & Make-up Smith, Julia
House Manager/Usher Anderson, Vicky
House Manager/Usher Bardgett, Laura
House Manager/Usher Caton, Margaret
House Manager/Usher Cerny, Maclo
House Manager/Usher Cook, Sarah
House Manager/Usher Dakin, Clive
House Manager/Usher Dakin, Coral
House Manager/Usher Dale, Betty
House Manager/Usher Dale, John
House Manager/Usher Dey, Connie
House Manager/Usher Dobbie, Monica
House Manager/Usher Durrant, Michael
House Manager/Usher Frith, Mary
House Manager/Usher Godfrey, Robbie
House Manager/Usher Grenfell, Claire
House Manager/Usher MacGregor, Evelyn
House Manager/Usher Matcham, Hilda
House Manager/Usher Pasquin, Michelle
House Manager/Usher Pauwels, Mia
House Manager/Usher Rance, Caroline
House Manager/Usher Rendell, Grahame
House Manager/Usher Robertson, Sheilagh
House Manager/Usher Rushe, Claire
House Manager/Usher Smith, Elaine
House Manager/Usher Swain, Anita
House Manager/Usher Swain, Michael
House Manager/Usher Tavares, Sherry
Lighting Design Brier, Mary
Lights Biffin, Martin
Lights Brier, Jym
Lights Day, Ryan
Lights Durrant, Michael
Lights Gauntlett, Adam
Lights Zuill, Robert
Merchandise Anderson, Nicola
Merchandise Anderson, Vicky
Merchandise Andrade, David
Merchandise Bean, Bryahna
Merchandise Bean, Derika
Merchandise Booth, Sam
Merchandise Browne, Sally
Merchandise Charlton, Jane
Merchandise Davis, Wenkitah
Merchandise Day, Kim
Merchandise Dey, Connie
Merchandise Flood, Nicola
Merchandise Hollis, Adria
Merchandise Jones, Darmell
Merchandise Kneeland, Natacha
Merchandise Osmond, Jennifer
Merchandise Quinn, Patrick
Merchandise Rushe, Claire
Merchandise Rushe, Kieran
Merchandise Russo, Caterina
Merchandise Smith, Mali
Merchandise Todd, Cyndee
Merchandise Trott, Trenaye
Merchandise Coordinator Flood, Nicola
Musical Arrangement Burn, James
Musical Director Maule, Lisa
Poster & Programme Cover Weinraub, Linda
Poster Artwork Tucker, Sarah
Programme Advertising Osmond, Jennifer
Programme Compilation Marsh, Peter
Programme Design Marsh, Peter
Properties Brown, Shirley N.
Properties Browne, Sally
Properties Fisher, Sandra
Properties Mello, Riley
Properties Muggleton, Emma
Properties Creation Brown, Shirley N.
Properties Head Browne, Sally
Publicity Hintz, Adrienne
Publicity Osmond, Jennifer
Publicity Shane, Jo
Rat Pack Anderson, Vicky
Rat Pack Bolley, Andrea
Rat Pack Browne, Sally
Rat Pack Charlton, June
Rat Pack Davidson, Matthew
Rat Pack Durrant, Libby
Rat Pack Dye, Christopher
Rat Pack Hill, Sue
Rat Pack Howell, Janice
Rat Pack Jones, Liz
Rat Pack Jones, Mike
Rat Pack Langley, Louisa
Rat Pack Locke, Nancy
Rat Pack MacGregor, Evelyn
Rat Pack Marshall, Maureen
Rat Pack Martin, Diana
Rat Pack Morrison, Jennifer
Rat Pack Osmond, Jennifer
Rat Pack Potts, Margaret
Rat Pack Robertson, Sheilagh
Rat Pack Rushe, Claire
Rat Pack Rushe, Kieran
Rat Pack Smith, Donna
Rat Pack Smith, Eloise
Rat Pack Smith, James
Rat Pack Smith, Jillian
Rat Pack Wright, Paul
Rat Pack Zuill, Robert
Rehearsal Prompt Knight, Liz
Set Construction Biffin, Martin
Set Construction Howarth, Greg
Set Construction Lathan, Richie
Set Construction Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction MacDonald, Kevin
Set Construction Osmond, Jennifer
Set Construction Rosati, A. Damon Jr.
Set Construction Head Wright, Paul
Set Design Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Anderson, Nicola
Set Painting Brier, Mary
Set Painting Conyers, Heather
Set Painting Dakin, Coral
Set Painting Dobbie, Monica
Set Painting Ginocchio, Frank
Set Painting Godet, Molly
Set Painting Howell, Janice
Set Painting Langly, Tom
Set Painting MacDonald, Kevin
Set Painting MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Painting Mitchele, Richard
Set Painting Osmond, Jennifer
Set Painting Pasquin, Michelle
Set Painting Pharoah-Williams, Deborah
Set Painting Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Rendell, Grahame
Set Painting Roach, Nicholas
Set Painting Robertson, Sheilagh
Set Painting Smythe, Nancy
Set Painting Tetlow, Diana
Set Painting Unterman, Hailey
Set Painting Williams, Howard
Set Painting Wright, Paul
Sound Broadhurst, Chris
Sound Chapman, Robin
Sound Frith, Eileen
Sound Design Grainge, Charlie
Sound Design Smith, Tommy
Special Effects Butterfield, Than
Special Effects Mezoly, Matthew
Special Effects Head Butterfield, Than
Stage Manager Howell, Janice
Technical Producer Howell, Janice
Wardrobe Diamond, Lisa
Wardrobe Flood, Samantha
Wardrobe Kneeland, Natacha
Wardrobe Markus, Tori
Wardrobe Outerbridge, Barbara
Wardrobe Roberts-Semos, Mandy
Wardrobe Sousa, Susan
Wardrobe Trott, Trenaye
Wardrobe Zimmerer, Cathy
Wardrobe Head Outerbridge, Barbara