Mary Stuart - Queen of Scots

Author : Schiller
Author : Wilmott, Christopher
Venue : {Unknown}
25-Mar-1974 - 30-Mar-1974


Role Person
Acknowledgement Davies, Tony 'Screw'
Acknowledgement Jolliffe, Don
Acknowledgement Repose, Joe Louis
Acknowledgement Wadson, David
Assistant Stage Manager Briggs, Dorothy
Assistant Stage Manager Holden, Terry
Assistant to Producer McGovern, Suzie
Box Office Manager Shaw, John
Costume Co-ordinator Briggs, Dorothy
Costume Design Roche, Elizabeth
Costumes Campbell, Jane
Costumes Dickson, Sandy
Costumes Hunt, Betty
Costumes Lees, Mary
Costumes Lindroth, Mildred
Costumes Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Scaddan, Anita
Costumes Siggins, Margaret
Costumes Tetlow, Diana
Deputy Stage Manager Roland, Harvey
Director Eames, Peter
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Front of House Lough, John
Hairstyling Dickson, Russel
Lighting Design Cobbold, Ernest
Lighting Head Openshaw, Clive
Lights Crick, Beverley
Lights Critchley, Wendy
Lights Day, Liz
Lights Hallett, Bruce
Lights Juett, Lin
Lights Paris, Jill
Lights Penwarden, Jenny
Lights Ramsbottom, Peter
Make-up Butterworth, Lesley
Make-up Cox, Penny
Make-up Cunniff, Gaye
Make-up Drinkwater, Caroline
Make-up Fahy, Sheilagh
Make-up Hutton, Nuala
Make-up Stewart, Judith
Make-up Head Openshaw, Heather
Photographer Keeble, Graham
Photographer White, Reg
Poster George, Jackie
Production Manager Redding, Ora
Programme George, Jackie
Programme Compilation Buchanan, Elin
Prompt Edridge, Jeanne
Prompt Tatem, Sandy
Properties Bragg, Eve
Properties Browne, Annette
Properties Golding, Denise
Properties Moore, Valerie
Properties Scott, Jennifer
Properties Smith, Barbara
Properties Smith, Valerie
Properties Stervinau, Angela
Properties Head Laing, Meva
Publicity Wright, Susan
Set Construction & Crew Cameron, Keith
Set Construction & Crew Dove, Nick
Set Construction & Crew Draycott, Terry
Set Construction & Crew Faulkner, Max
Set Construction & Crew Hill, John
Set Construction & Crew Hodgson, Malcolm
Set Construction & Crew Holden, Terry
Set Construction & Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction & Crew Lewis, Sam
Set Construction & Crew Roland, Harvey
Set Construction Head Cassingham, Roger
Set Design Pengilley, Jenny
Set Design Pengilley, Michael
Sound Chapman, Susan
Sound Comber, John
Sound Martin, Beryl
Sound Ramsbottom, Peter
Sound Stevens, George
Sound Head Keeble, Graham
Sound Head Watts, John
Stage Manager Bainbridge, Alan
Wardrobe Baptiste, Vaughan
Wardrobe Bate, Valerie
Wardrobe Cox, Janet
Wardrobe Dickson, Sandy
Wardrobe Evans, Helen
Wardrobe Ewles, Linda
Wardrobe Finnerty, Margot
Wardrobe Lowry, Veronica
Wardrobe Nixon, Wendy
Wardrobe Petty, Barbara
Wardrobe Swanson, Di
Wardrobe Webb, Cheryl
Wardrobe Mistress Mello, Jennifer
Wardrobe Mistress Siggins, Margaret