Lovell, Marguerite

Involvement Year Event
House Manager/Usher 2008 Present Laughter
Usher 1999 Oleanna
Make-up 1993 Magic Key
Production Assistant 1985 Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Urchin 1983 Roar of the Greasepaint - Smell of the Crowd
Soprano 1982 Yuletide Festival of Song
Soprano 1982 Night at the Opera
Wardrobe 1982 Ten Little Indians
Crew 1981 Cherry Sisters
Crew 1981 Henry the Tenth (Part Seven)
Crew 1981 Moby Dick
Crew 1981 Streuth
Properties 1980 Christmas Carol
Madame 1980 Vaudeville and Old Tyme Music Hall
Producer 1980 Modified American Plan
Producer 1980 Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano
Bluebell - Fairy Queen 1979 Sing a Song of Sixpence
Production Manager 1979 Habeas Corpus
Grandma 1979 Little Red Riding Hood
Programme Compilation 1979 Homecoming
Box Office 1979 Homecoming
House Manager 1979 Absurd Person Singular
Front of House 1979 Shadow Box
Publicity 1978 Owl and the Pussycat went to see....
Assistance 1978 Father
Publicity 1978 My Fat Friend
Properties Head 1977 Cinderella
Assistant Production Manager 1977 Black Comedy
Assistant Production Manager 1977 White Liars
Properties 1976 Little Matchgirl
Front of House 1976 Butterflies are Free
Properties 1976 Salad Days
Properties 1976 Bear
Properties 1976 How He Lied To Her Husband
Properties 1976 Something Unspoken
Puppeteer 1974 Pinocchio
Page Boy 1973 Devils
Prompt 1973 Bedtime Story
Prompt 1973 Happy Journey
Prompt 1973 World Tipped Over And Laying On Its Side
Mime Puss 1972 Puss in Boots
Properties Head 1972 Not Now Darling
Typhoo 1971 Aladdin
Miss Muffet 1970 Cinderella