Jack and the Beanstalk

Author : Fitzpatrick, Val
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
05-Dec-1991 - 14-Dec-1991

Second time Jack and the Beanstalk has been chosen as the theme for the Panto.


Role Person
Acknowledgement Birch, Adam
Acknowledgement Callaghan, Madeline
Acknowledgement Copeland, Philip
Acknowledgement Freestone, Jeanette
Acknowledgement Goulding, Jackie
Acknowledgement Hallett, Bruce
Acknowledgement Instone, Pamela
Acknowledgement Jolliffe, Don
Acknowledgement Lightbourne, Ronald
Acknowledgement McIntosh, Philip
Acknowledgement Pimental, Angelo
Acknowledgement Power, Sue
Acknowledgement Rubin, Judith
Acknowledgement Smith, Anthony
Acknowledgement Smith, Linda
Acknowledgement Smith, Tim
Acknowledgement Steward, Liz
Acknowledgement Stroeder, Janice
Acknowledgement Tavares, B.
Acknowledgement Waddell, Beverley
Acknowledgement Wheatley, Fred
Acknowledgement Wright, Jane
Assistant Choreographer Legere, Jeanne
Assistant Costume Design Riddell, Emma
Assistant Producer Dodwell, Bonnie
Assistant to Director Tayler, Hazel
Best Boy Tavares, Michael
Box Office Broadhurst, Dorothy
Box Office Cuthbertson, Kathy
Box Office Dodwell, Bonnie
Box Office Foister, Louise
Box Office Hansen, Jens
Box Office Simmonds, Karen
Box Office Steward, Liz
Box Office Manager MacGregor, Evelyn
Business Manager Crosbie, Stephen
Choreography Frith, Barbara
City Hall Bar Slasher
City Hall Bar Steward, Liz
Costume Design Wingate, Elizabeth
Costumes Conyers, Heather
Costumes Coulby, Cathy
Costumes Darling-Meade, Brenda
Costumes Harlow, Wendy
Costumes Hunt, Betty
Costumes Jennett, Susan
Costumes Kempe, Jackie
Costumes Morrison, Andrew
Costumes Riddell, Mary
Costumes Rogers, Miriam
Costumes Thorne, Marquita
Costumes Wingate, Mary
Costumes Wingate, Rosalind
Crew Ashurst, Dave
Crew Blee, Kevin P.
Crew Bracewell, Jason
Crew Copeland, Philip
Crew Crosbie, Stephen
Crew Cuthbertson, Tom
Crew Draycott, Terry
Crew Duffy, Robert
Crew Instone, John
Crew Kennedy, Alan
Crew Kerfoot, Hank
Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Crew Sampson, Mike
Crew Simpson, Janet C.
Crew Stewart, Kent
Crew Stroeder, James
Crew Swain, Michael
Crew Tavares, Michael
Crew Tufts, Douglas
Crew Ward, Gary
Crew Boss Dudden, Steve
Deputy Stage Manager Stroeder, Janice
Director Fitzpatrick, Val
Flies Cabral, Warren
Flies Conder, John
Flies Dodwell, Bonnie
Flies Moffett, Jennifer
Flies Stroeder, James
Flies Swain, Karen
Flies Co-Ordinator Simmonds, Karen
Front of House Lough, John
Hair Matrella, Amanda
Hair Rough, Ray
Hairstyling Rawsthorne, Chauncy
Lighting Design Woodhouse, Peter
Lights Dey, Russell
Lights Larzleer, Brian
Lights Leung, Steve
Lights Weber, Katherine
Make-up Scanlon, Nora
Make-up Wiest, Margaret
Make-up Head Childs, Sally
Musical Director Ray, Tom
Photographer Jones, Michael
Poster Emerson, Rhona
Producer Tavares, Lyn
Programme Compilation Dodwell, Bonnie
Prompt Hannant, Jean
Prompt Wiest, Margaret
Properties Cabral, Karen
Properties Gardecki, Judy
Properties Hollis, Adria
Properties Kaye, Miriam
Properties Parsons, Michael
Properties Starling, Susan
Properties Tribley, Belinda
Properties Head Bates, Anne
Properties Head Hollis, Adria
Publicity Cabral, Warren
Publicity Conder, John
Publicity Conder, Stephanie
Publicity Desmond-Tetlow, Honor
Rehearsal Musician Ralph, Donna
Set Construction Ashurst, Dave
Set Construction Cuthbertson, Tom
Set Construction Dudden, Steve
Set Construction Duffy, Robert
Set Construction Kerfoot, Hank
Set Construction Sampson, Mike
Set Construction Stewart, Kent
Set Construction Stroeder, Janice
Set Construction Tavares, Michael
Set Construction Head Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Design Mills, Jon
Set Painting Burgess, Doehee
Set Painting Cafferty, Suzanne
Set Painting Conger, Steve
Set Painting Dodwell, Bonnie
Set Painting Gilbert, Raja
Set Painting Gorham, Laura
Set Painting Johnson, Kirsty
Set Painting Kaye, Hannah
Set Painting Lightbourn, Barbara
Set Painting McMillan, Robin
Set Painting Midgett, Elmer
Set Painting Outerbridge, Mark
Set Painting Simmonds, Karen
Set Painting Simpson, Janet C.
Set Painting Smith, Nancy
Set Painting Stroeder, Janice
Set Painting Head Power, Sue
Sound Comber, Nicholas
Sound March, Kerstin
Sound Matthews, Paul
Sound Saunders, Ian
Sound Design March, Chris
Special Effects Keeble, Graham
Special Effects Head Birch, Ian
Stage Manager Jones, Barbara M.
Wardrobe Shirley, Candy
Wardrobe Shirley, Holly
Wardrobe Shirley, Susan
Wardrobe Mistress Pyrah, Janet