Owl and the Pussycat went to see....

Author : Ruskin, Sheila
Author : Wood, David
Music & Lyrics : Wood, David
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
07-Dec-1978 - 16-Dec-1978


Role Person
Assistant Production Manager Best, Paddy
Assistant Stage Manager Delbridge, Martin
Assistant Stage Manager Finnerty, Margot
Assistant Stage Manager Pitman, Bernard
Box Office Jensen, Vicki
Choreography Cox, Penny
Costume Design Wingate, Elizabeth
Costumes Barboza, Pat
Costumes Boorman, Cynthia
Costumes Burke, Leeta
Costumes Clemmet, Lorna
Costumes Laing, Meva
Costumes Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Margelsson, Kerstin
Costumes Morrison, Jocelyn
Costumes Parker, Susan
Costumes Thurbly, Hope
Costumes Whitehouse, Alison
Crew Berry, John
Crew Hesketh, Frank
Crew Lewis, Sam
Crew Locke, Tony
Crew Sampson, Mike
Director Wilson, Alan
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Lighting Design Juett, Lin
Lights Gibbons, Annette
Lights Hall, Carol
Lights Hall, Richard
Lights Harrison, Vernon
Lights MacKenzie, Debbie
Lights Siggins, Margaret
Lights Simpson, Janet C.
Make-up McKenzie, Maureen
Musical Director Moxon, Paul
Original Concept Lear, Edward
Photographer Delbridge, Martin
Poster Corrado, Christine
Production Manager Hooper, BarBara
Programme Corrado, Christine
Programme Compilation Bragg, Eve
Prompt Best, Paddy
Properties Bragg, Eve
Properties Edney, Jill
Properties Findlay, Jill
Properties Flood, Pamela Lynn
Properties Lewis, Sam
Properties Locke, Nancy
Properties McArthur, Betty
Properties Poole, Rosalind
Properties Pretty, Sharon
Properties Sharpe, Kathleen
Properties Smith, Barbara
Properties Smith, Valerie
Properties Walker, Joyce
Properties Head Bendell, Annette
Publicity Lovell, Marguerite
Rehearsal Musician Vesey, Susannah
Set Construction & Painting Arnold, Jack
Set Construction & Painting Birrer, Kurt
Set Construction & Painting Cornes, Jim
Set Construction & Painting Cornforth, Sheila
Set Construction & Painting Corrado, Christine
Set Construction & Painting Dove, Nick
Set Construction & Painting Forrester, Nancy
Set Construction & Painting Harris, Richard
Set Construction & Painting Hesketh, Frank
Set Construction & Painting Knowles, Derek
Set Construction & Painting Lowndes, Emily
Set Construction & Painting McGovern, Suzie
Set Construction & Painting Pengilley, Jenny
Set Construction & Painting Pengilley, Michael
Set Construction & Painting White, Reg
Set Construction Head Spurling, Stanley
Set Design Spurling, Stanley
Sound Lodge, Christopher
Sound Lough, John
Stage Manager Woodhouse, Peter
Wardrobe Cooper, Julie
Wardrobe Greet, Catherine
Wardrobe Hawkins, Lin
Wardrobe Riding, Pat
Wardrobe Stanton, Marjorie
Wardrobe Williams, Joan