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Famous for 15 Minutes

Playwright : Young, Jonathan
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
13-Apr-2023 - 22-Apr-2023


Role Person
Assistant Stage Manager McLean, Janice
Auditions Birch, Carol
Auditions Campbell, Jenn
Auditions Jones, Barbara
Auditions Robertson, Sheilagh
Backstage Crew Ausenda, Stefano
Backstage Crew Hassell, Jamel
Backstage Crew Johnson, Scott
Backstage Crew Johnson, Toni
Backstage Crew Mackenzie-Sivewright, Jeremy
Backstage Crew McLean, Janice
Backstage Crew Pearce, Elaine
Backstage Crew Petty, Rod
Box Office Anderson, Vicky
Box Office Campbell, Jenn
Box Office Doars, Dee
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Box Office Speakman, Denise
Director Kempe, Will
Front of House Anderson, Vicky
Front of House Chatergoon, Anil
Front of House Dale, Betty
Front of House Dale, John
Front of House Doars, Dee
Front of House Hill-Davidson, Sue
Front of House Kaye, Miriam
Front of House Matcham, Hilda
Front of House Maule, Lisa
Front of House McLean, Janice
Front of House Pauwels, Mia
Front of House Rushe, Claire
Front of House Smith, Nancy
Front of House Sousa, Sharlene
Gala Night Catering Pauwels, Mia
Gala Night Catering Redahan, Carol
Invited Audience Maule, Lisa
Judge Johnston-Barnes, Owain
Lighting Design/operation Brier, Mary
Lighting Design/operation Johnson, Scott
Lighting Design/operation Modayil, Rahul
Master of Ceremonies Butterfield, Than
Patrons Kulmala, Andrea
Photogaphy/Videography Joell, Voorhees
Poster Design Blee, Kevin
Preliminary Reading Committee Bermudez, Amanda J.
Preliminary Reading Committee Coash, Tom
Preliminary Reading Committee Edmund, Reginald
Producer Blee, Kevin
Producer Campbell, Jenn
Producer Lee-Emery, Adrian
Producer Maule, Lisa
Producer McIntosh, Philip
Programme Compilation Blee, Kevin
Programme Compilation Campbell, Jenn
Properties/Set Dressing Beach, Tracey
Properties/Set Dressing Higginbotham, Diana
Publicity/Advertising Campbell, Jenn
Publicity/Advertising Maule, Lisa
Publicity/Advertising Mello, Roger
Publicity/Advertising Rampersad, Ezrah
Publicity/Advertising Ross, Emily
Set Construction & Painting Campbell, Jenn
Set Construction & Painting Lathan, Richie
Set Construction & Painting Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction & Painting MacDonald, Kevin
Set Construction & Painting Mackenzie-Sivewright, Jeremy
Set Construction & Painting Maule, Lisa
Set Construction & Painting Morley, Wayne
Set Construction & Painting Zimmerer, Rudi
Show Bar Amott, Sandy
Show Bar Anderson, Vicky
Show Bar Beach, Tracey
Show Bar Day, Kim
Show Bar Doars, Dee
Show Bar Farrow, Thom
Show Bar Gilmour, Angela
Show Bar Hall, Theresa
Show Bar Lamerton, Jennie
Show Bar MacKenzie, Shauna
Show Bar McMordie, Theresa
Show Bar Morley, Wayne
Show Bar Muggleton, Emma
Show Bar Rumbelow, Megan
Show Bar Smith, Ian
Show Bar Webel, Brock
Show Bar Zuill, Dawn
Sound Design/Operation Brier, Jym
Stage Manager Correia, Debby