Pecking Order

part of

Famous for 15 Minutes

Author : Foster, Justine
Author : Pitt, Julia
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
11-Aug-2016 - 20-Aug-2016


Role Person
Acknowledgement Campbell, Jennifer
Acknowledgement Conyers, Heather
Acknowledgement Conyers, Tom
Acknowledgement Jones, Barbara M.
Acknowledgement Notman, Stephen
Assistant Stage Manager Correia, Debbie
Auditions Co-ordinator Jones, Barbara M.
Bartender Andrade, David
Bartender Duffy, Robert
Bartender Flood, Reuben
Bartender Gauntlett, Adam
Bartender Hall, Theresa
Bartender Hall, Tucker
Bartender Lee-Emery, Adrian
Bartender Martin, Diana
Bartender Rendell, Grahame
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Box Office Tavares, Sherry
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Crew Baksh, Raven
Crew Betts, Angus
Crew Furtado, Luis
Crew Johnson, Scott
Crew Johnson, Toni
Crew Marsh, Peter
Crew O'Sullivan, Siobhan
Crew Pedro, Miranda
Crew Pully, Ri-Ann
Crew Sherwin, Megan
Crew Williams, Howard
Director Smith-Joell, Deborah
Gala Catering Pauwels, Mia
Gala Catering Redahan, Carol
House Manager/Usher Anderson, Vicky
House Manager/Usher Angiers, Shawn
House Manager/Usher Chilvers, Heather
House Manager/Usher Cox, Margot
House Manager/Usher Dobbie, Monica
House Manager/Usher Godfrey, Robbie
House Manager/Usher Greig, Josephine
House Manager/Usher Kaye, Miriam
House Manager/Usher Matcham, Hilda
House Manager/Usher Rendell, Grahame
House Manager/Usher Rushe, Claire
House Manager/Usher Swain, Anita
House Manager/Usher Swain, Michael
Judge August, Ian
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Day, Ryan
Lights Lampit, Mathew
Master of Ceremonies Butterfield, Nathaniel
Patrons Kulmala, Andrea
Photographer Blee, Kevin P.
Poster Artwork Birch, Carol
Producer Birch, Carol
Producer Blee, Kevin P.
Producer Hintz, Adrienne
Producer Lee-Emery, Adrian
Producer McIntosh, Philip
Programme Compilation Blee, Kevin P.
Publicity Campbell, Jennifer
Publicity Faulkner-Meek, Emilie
Publicity Hintz, Adrienne
Reading Panel Coash, Tom
Reading Panel Luck, Bree
Reading Panel Nussle, Megan
Rehearsal Schedule Hintz, Adrienne
Set Construction & Painting Blee, Kevin P.
Set Construction & Painting Gardner, John
Set Construction & Painting Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction & Painting McIntosh, Philip
Set Dressing & Properties Fisher, Sandra
Set Dressing & Properties Hannant, Jean
Set Dressing & Properties Howell, Janice
Set Dressing & Properties Lamerton, Jennie
Sound Broadhurst, Chris
Sound Smith, Tommy
Stage Manager Edmunds, Dee