Musical Director

Person Year Event
Bademosi, Abimbola 2023 Cinderella
Pitman, Dave 2022 Sleeping Beauty
Maule, Lisa 2020 Spring Concert 2020
Pitman, Dave 2019 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Maule, Lisa 2019 Spring Concert
Maule, Lisa 2018 Teddy The Lost Dog
Ross, Kate 2018 Daylesford Singers - Encore!
Maule, Lisa 2018 The World Goes 'Round
Ross, Kate 2017 Puss in Boots - Bollywood Style
Ross, Kate 2017 Daylesford Singers - Frankly Speaking
Ray, Tom 2017 The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Wife
Maule, Lisa 2016 Adventure in Pantoland
Brangman, Winton 2015 Treasure Island
Ray, Tom 2015 Sister Act
Broadhurst, Chris 2015 7 Stories
Maule, Lisa 2015 Pied Piper
Ross, Kate 2013 Sleeping Beauty
Ray, Tom 2012 Aladdin
Ross, Kate 2012 Daylesford Singers - Shaken Not Stirred
Maule, Lisa 2011 Cinderella
Maule, Lisa 2011 An Evening With Bill
Ross, Kate 2010 Firebird
Burn, James 2009 Robin Hood
Maule, Lisa 2009 Railway Children
Ross, Kate 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
Maule, Lisa 2007 Mystery of Edwin Drood
Ross, Kate 2006 Ali Baba and the 14 Thieves
Davidson, Robert 2005 Robinson Crusoe
Burn, James 2004 Sleeping Beauty
Burn, James 2003 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Burn, James 2003 Legacy Falls
Dorrell, Mark 2002 Cinderella
Gallant, Gaynor 2002 Love's Labour's Lost
Dorrell, Mark 2002 Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Dorrell, Mark 2001 Scrooge, the Musical
Dorrell, Mark 2001 Assassins
Burn, James 2000 Aladdin and his wonderful lamp
McCully, Gloria 2000 Hot Mikado
Gallant, Gaynor 1999 Red Riding Hood
Frith, Douglas 1999 How To Eat Like A Child
Burn, James 1998 Old Mother Hubbard
Gallant, Gaynor 1998 Old Mother Hubbard
Frith, Douglas 1998 High School That Dripped Gooseflesh
Frith, Douglas 1998 Galactic Gallavanting and Saving Planet Earth
Frith, Douglas 1998 Sleepover
Burn, James 1997 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Frith, Douglas 1997 How To Eat Like A Child
Holt, Wayne 1997 Song and the Story
Gallant, Gaynor 1997 Musical Interludes
Gallant, Gaynor 1996 Mother Goose
Frith, Douglas 1996 Murder on the Menu
Gallant, Gaynor 1996 Daylesford Singers '96
Pettit, Marjorie 1995 Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood
Bradley, Louise 1995 Chorus of Disapproval
Gallant, Gaynor 1995 Old Time Music Hall
Gallant, Gaynor 1995 Daylesford Singers
Pettit, Marjorie 1994 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
Gallant, Gaynor 1994 Joan of Arc
Ray, Tom 1993 Magic Key
Gallant, Gaynor 1993 Broadway Masters
Woolridge, John 1992 Sinbad the Sailor
Ray, Tom 1991 Jack and the Beanstalk
Borrill, Jon 1990 Aladdin
Borrill, Jon 1990 Old Time Music Hall
McCully, Gloria 1989 Wizard of Oz
Pettit, Marjorie 1988 Cinderella
Borrill, Jonathan 1988 Old Time Music Hall
McCully, Gloria 1988 Salute to Spring
Ross, Kate 1987 Dick Whittington and his Cat
McCully, Gloria 1987 Amahl and the Night Vistors
McCully, Gloria 1987 Choral Christmas
McCully, Gloria 1987 Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan
McCully, Gloria 1986 Follow the Star
McCully, Gloria 1986 Night at the Opera
Lowe, Leslie F. 1986 Cabaret
McCully, Gloria 1985 Christmas Concert
Smith, Raymond 1985 Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
McCully, Gloria 1984 Spirit of Christmas
Chamberlaine, Andrew 1984 Pippin
Fitzsimmons, Barry 1984 Pippin
Pope-Lowrey, Sarah 1984 Die Fledermaus
Johns, Bette 1983 Toad of Toad Hall
Moxon, Janice 1982 Red Riding Hood
Dill, Kenneth 1981 Oliver
Lightbourne, Ronald 1979 Little Red Riding Hood
Moxon, Paul 1978 Owl and the Pussycat went to see....
Dill, Kenneth 1978 My Fair Lady
Johns, Bette 1977 Cinderella
Johns, Bette 1976 Little Matchgirl
Salvo, Sebastion 1976 I Do! I Do!
Carlin, Elizabeth 1976 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
Johns, Bette 1976 Salad Days
Johns, Bette 1975 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Myerson, Keith 1975 Dandy Lion
Skelton, A. P. 1975 Godspell
Skelton, Shane 1975 Old Time Music Hall
Johns, Bette 1974 Pinocchio
Morrison, Bette 1973 Kiss Me Kate
Von Eps, Vicki 1973 Kiss Me Kate
Smith, Raymond 1972 Puss in Boots
Smith, Raymond 1971 Aladdin
Smith, Raymond 1970 Cinderella
Smith, Raymond 1969 Babes in the Wood
Smith, Raymond 1968 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Ryan, John 1968 Barber of Seville
Schick, George 1968 Metropolitan Opera Studio Ensemble
Smith, Raymond 1967 Jack and the Beanstalk
Smith, Raymond 1966 Sinbad the Sailor
Janssen, Armin 1963 Susana y Jose
Hopkins, Antony 1962 Intimate Opera
Tankard, Geoffrey 1962 B.M.D.S. Chorus