Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Author : White, Jessie Braham
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
04-Dec-1975 - 13-Dec-1975


Role Person
Assistant Production Manager McGovern, Suzie
Assistant Stage Manager MacKenzie, Debbie
Assistant Stage Manager Matthews, Dermot
Assistant Stage Manager Redding, Ora
Assistant Stage Manager Siggins, Margaret
Assistant to Director Cox, Penelope
Bar Pantry, Bill
Box Office Manager Shaw, John
Choreography Frith, Barbara
Costume Design Dempster, Sheila
Costume Design Hallett, Bonnie
Costume Design Lowry, Veronica
Costume Design Siggins, Margaret
Deputy Stage Manager McIntosh, Philip
Director Berry, Michael
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Hair Proctor, Ann
Lighting Design Hallett, Bruce
Lighting Design Ramsbottom, Peter
Lights Armstrong, Myra
Lights Barton, Bob
Lights Brown, Glen
Lights Campbell, John
Lights Crick, Beverley
Lights Eames, Lesley
Lights Finnerty, Margot
Lights Fraser-Smith, Lesley
Lights Gibbons, Annette
Lights Juett, Lin
Lights Lightbourn, Barrett
Lights Lowry, Paul
Lights Mayall, Libby
Lights Mello, Jennifer
Lights Morgan, Barbara
Lights Openshaw, Clive
Lights O'Shea, Eileen
Lights Rosorea, Susan
Lights Simpson, Janet C.
Lights Walters, Mike
Lights Watson, Cathy
Lights Watts, Sue
Make-up Cabral, Joan
Make-up Fraser, Gaye
Make-up Pantry, Carolyn
Make-up Ray, Donna
Make-up Rego, Kate
Make-up Sherman, Roger W.
Make-up Skinner, Cathy
Make-up Vaughan, Eleaner
Make-up Voorn, Sigrid
Musical Director Johns, Bette
Photographer Pickering, Barry
Poster George, Jackie
Production Manager Thompson, David
Programme Cameron, Keith
Programme George, Jackie
Prompt Bainbridge, Jane
Properties Brown, Pat
Properties Dickinson, Esther
Properties Ewles, Linda
Properties Kelly, Lesley
Properties Long, Rose
Properties MacFazden, Marilyn
Properties O'Neill, Suzy
Properties O'Shea, Eileen
Properties Rosorea, Susan
Properties Shailer, Pam
Properties Shanks, Barbie
Properties Smith, Barbara
Properties Smith, Valerie
Properties Wills, Pat
Properties Wood, Alf
Publicity Wright, Susan
Set Construction Bolton, David
Set Construction Cabral, Abel
Set Construction Cabral, Joan
Set Construction Cassingham, Roger
Set Construction Craddock, Brian
Set Construction DeCosta, Michael
Set Construction Dove, Nick
Set Construction Eames, Lesley
Set Construction George, Jackie
Set Construction Goggin, Peter
Set Construction Holden, Terry
Set Construction Linton, Lesley
Set Construction MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Construction Matthews, Dermot
Set Construction McGovern, Suzie
Set Construction McIntosh, Philip
Set Construction O'Neill, David
Set Construction Pengilley, Jenny
Set Construction Pengilley, Michael
Set Construction Repose, Joe Louis
Set Construction Wood, Alf
Set Construction Woolf, Peter
Set Construction Wright, Jane
Set Construction Head Dennington, David
Set Design Pengilley, Jenny
Set Design Pengilley, Michael
Sound Daly, Michael
Sound Finnerty, Margot
Sound Hooper, BarBara
Sound Hunt, Geoff
Sound Lodge, Christopher
Sound McIntosh, Alex
Sound Mello, Jennifer
Sound Openshaw, Clive
Sound Ramsbottom, Peter
Sound Roberts, Robin
Sound Shailer, Pam
Sound Simpson, Janet C.
Sound Tite, Neville
Sound Walters, Mike
Sound Watts, John
Sound Watts, Sue
Sound Webster, Mike
Sound Wells, Bernard
Sound Westwater, Dorothie
Sound Woolf, Peter
Stage Manager Bainbridge, Alan
Ushers Olivey, Freda D.
Wardrobe Anderson, Maureen
Wardrobe Bermingham, Jane
Wardrobe Broadhurst, Dorothy
Wardrobe Callaghan, Phyllis
Wardrobe Frith, Jill
Wardrobe Garner, Christine
Wardrobe Hamilton, Barbara
Wardrobe Hunt, Betty
Wardrobe Johnston, Ruby
Wardrobe Moore, Valerie
Wardrobe Sampson, Diane
Wardrobe Shorto, Sylvia
Wardrobe Slade, Lois
Wardrobe Stanton, Marjorie
Wardrobe Steele, Hazel
Wardrobe Walker, Kay
Wardrobe Wingate, Elizabeth
Wardrobe Mistress Draycott, Mary
Wardrobe Mistress Stanton, Marjorie