Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood

Author : Chapman, Duggie
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
07-Dec-1995 - 16-Dec-1995


Role Person
Acknowledgement ?
Acknowledgement Bills, Lorraine
Acknowledgement Birch, Carol
Acknowledgement Brangman, Jane
Acknowledgement Callaghan, Brian
Acknowledgement Correia, Dennis
Acknowledgement Dallas, Henry Stephen
Acknowledgement Grenfell, David
Acknowledgement Hallett, Annette
Acknowledgement Hallett, Bruce
Acknowledgement Hebberd, Joan
Acknowledgement Hyross, Stefan
Acknowledgement Jolliffe, Don
Acknowledgement Keeble, Graham
Acknowledgement Mapp, Lawson
Acknowledgement Tite, Neville
Acknowledgement Waddington, Sarah
Acknowledgement Watts, Steve
Assistant Choreographer Edmunds, Dee
Assistant Producer Coffey, Helen
Assistant Stage Manager Bridge, Jane
Assistant Stage Manager Lewis, Jaqui
Assistant to Director Halliwell, Pennie
Box Office Coffey, Helen
Box Office Musson, Karen
Box Office Simmonds, Karen
Box Office Manager MacGregor, Evelyn
Business Manager Gardner, John
Choreography Waddell, Coral
City Hall Bar Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
City Hall Bar Swain, Michael
Costume Design Buchanan, Kim
Costume Design Harding, Tracey
Costumes Brown, Shirley N.
Costumes Hallett, Annette
Costumes Italiano, Piera
Costumes Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Martin, Janet
Costumes Pearman, Ann
Costumes Petty, Greta
Costumes Pryde, Carolyn
Costumes Pyrah, Janet
Costumes Waddington, Sarah
Costumes Wingate, Elizabeth
Costumes Wyder, Patricia
Director Owen, Jonathon
Flies ?
Flies DeSilva, Ronald
Flies DeSilva, Sarah
Flies Dodwell, Bonnie
Flies Gardner, John
Flies Parkingson, Steve
Flies Simmonds, Karen
Flies Simpson, Janet C.
Flies Swain, Karen
Flies Co-Ordinator Harlow, Wendy
Front of House Rushe, Claire
Front of House Rushe, George
Hair Chauncy
Hair Duffy, Karen
Hair Lowe, Amanda
Hair Pegg, Denise
Hairstyling Birch, Carol
House Manager Bailey, Barry J.
House Manager Defontes, Michael
House Manager Ellison, Frank
House Manager Kennedy, Alan
House Manager Lorhan, John
House Manager Lowry, Paul
House Manager Matthews, Paul
House Manager Moffat, Mark
House Manager Rendell, Grahame
House Manager Smith, Greg
House Mother Bainbridge, Ora
House Mother Crick, Beverley
House Mother Haegele, Petsy
House Mother Handiak, Janice
House Mother Harris, Coral
House Mother Slaughter, Janet
House Mother Tavares, Toni
House Mother Winstanley, Sarah
Invited Audience Coffey, Helen
Lighting Design Waddell, Beverley
Lights Bailey, Barry J.
Lights DeSilva, Heidi
Lights Grubesich, Denise
Lights Hill, Penny
Lights Johnson, Steven
Lights Larzleer, Brian
Lights Lathan, Richie
Lights Smith, Tudor
Lights Williams, Janice
Lights Williams, Viv
Make-up Atkin, Kay
Make-up Bailey, Sue
Make-up Bardgett, Lisa
Make-up Bracewell, Jason
Make-up Garrison, Sancia
Make-up Hollis, Ellen-Jane
Make-up Lima, Angela
Make-up Madeiros, Keith
Make-up Olivera, Karen
Make-up Petty, Alison
Make-up Portman, Jay
Make-up Smith, Heidi
Make-up Head Hollis, Adria
Musical Arrangement Pettit, Marjorie
Musical Director Pettit, Marjorie
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Photographer Belton, Peter
Poster Taylor, Tim
Poster Distribution Dodwell, Bonnie
Poster Distribution Goulding, Jackie
Poster Distribution Kawaley, Katherine
Poster Distribution Smith, Ed
Poster Distribution Snelling, Julia
Poster Distribution Trapido-Rosenthal, Jean
Producer Bainbridge, Ora
Programme Farmer, Simon
Programme Hastings-Smith, Julie
Properties Battenchuk, Sheri
Properties Center, Jeanie
Properties Grubesich, Denise
Properties Jones, Barbara M.
Properties Mayor, Fiona
Properties Head Edwards, Christopher
Properties Head Mayor, Adrienne
Publicity Gorham, Laura
Set Construction & Crew Blee, Kevin P.
Set Construction & Crew Bourgeois, Denis
Set Construction & Crew Copeland, Philip
Set Construction & Crew Correia, Dennis
Set Construction & Crew Draycott, Terry
Set Construction & Crew Duffy, Janice
Set Construction & Crew Duffy, Robert
Set Construction & Crew Fischer, Petra
Set Construction & Crew Foster, Brian
Set Construction & Crew Jennett, Doug
Set Construction & Crew Klesniks, Richard
Set Construction & Crew Larzleer, Brian
Set Construction & Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction & Crew Leseur, Andrew
Set Construction & Crew Lounsbury, Gary
Set Construction & Crew Menzies, Bruce
Set Construction & Crew Parkingson, Steve
Set Construction & Crew Tavares, Lyn
Set Construction & Crew Tavares, Michael
Set Construction & Crew Tufts, Douglas
Set Construction & Crew Widdowson, Brendan
Set Construction Head Blee, Kevin P.
Set Design Midgett, Elmer
Set Design Pasquin, Michelle
Set Dressing MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Dressing Tavares, Lyn
Set Painting Bardgett, Lisa
Set Painting Blee, Kevin P.
Set Painting Bridge, Jane
Set Painting Bridgland, Sarah
Set Painting Exell, Alicia
Set Painting Gray, Jennifer
Set Painting Grubesich, Denise
Set Painting Harris, Anna
Set Painting Hastings-Smith, Julie
Set Painting Head, Sheilagh
Set Painting Jensen, Kris
Set Painting Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Painting MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Painting Mitchell, Fran
Set Painting Moffett, Jennifer
Set Painting Simmonds, Karen
Set Painting Simpson, Janet C.
Set Painting Smith, Margaret
Set Painting Smith, Tudor
Set Painting Tavares, Lyn
Set Painting Tavares, Michael
Set Painting Watts, Steve
Sound ?
Sound Andrade, David
Sound Bainbridge, Alan
Sound Grubesich, Denise
Sound Kett, Charles
Sound Leseur, Andrew
Sound Moran, Janice
Sound Stroeder, James
Sound Waddell, John
Sound Whalley, Andrew
Sound Design Branco, Michael
Sound Design Hassell, Colin
Special Effects McIntosh, Philip
Special Effects Weber, Mark
Special Effects Head Birch, Ian
Stage Manager Dudden, Steve
Technical Producer Blee, Kevin P.
Usher Aicardi, Cathy
Usher Bailey, Sue
Usher Barton, Rene
Usher Boorman, Ann
Usher Brackstone, Audrey
Usher Cox, Margot
Usher Defontes, Anne Marie
Usher Deters, Pamela L.
Usher Edridge, Jeanne
Usher Ellison, Vera
Usher Gorham, Laura
Usher Hannant, Jean
Usher Hopkins, Mary
Usher James, Caroline
Usher Johnson, Irene
Usher Jones, Marian
Usher MacGregor, Evelyn
Usher Martin, Diana
Usher Mello, Jennifer
Usher Melotti, Anna
Usher Moffat, Valerie
Usher Olivey, Freda D.
Usher Petty, Greta
Usher Smith, Elaine
Usher Tayler, Hazel
Usher Waddell, Monica
Usher White, Molly
Usher Williams, Janice
Wardrobe Draycott, Cathie
Wardrobe Hastings-Smith, Julie
Wardrobe Italiano, Piera
Wardrobe Martin, Janet
Wardrobe Morgan, Barbara
Wardrobe Pearman, Ann
Wardrobe Petty, Greta
Wardrobe Wright, Annette
Wardrobe Mistress Lowry, Veronica