Joan of Arc

Author : Burn, James
Author : Cabral, Warren
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
26-May-1994 - 04-Jun-1994


Role Person
Acknowledgement Talbot, Craig
Acknowledgement Winter, Kathryn
Assistant Director Fell, Richard
Assistant Stage Manager Harlow, Wendy
Box Office Littleboy, Christine
Box Office Morgan, Linde
Box Office Winter, Kathryn
Box Office Manager Musson, Karen
Choreography Mello, Debbie
Costume Design Wingate, Elizabeth
Costumes Baker, Jackie
Costumes Bolton, Michelle
Costumes Border, Karen
Costumes Cabral, Louise
Costumes Cave, Ethel
Costumes Cordon, Marilyn
Costumes Fountain, Lilian
Costumes Good, Anne
Costumes Harlow, Wendy
Costumes Maccoy, Paul
Costumes Morgan, Linde
Costumes Petty, Greta
Costumes Preston, Michelle
Costumes Pyrah, Janet
Costumes Richardson, Melody
Costumes Robb, Linda
Costumes Robinson, Eileen
Costumes Ryder, Liz
Costumes Stroeder, Janice
Costumes Wingate, Paddy
Deputy Stage Manager Akroyd, Steve
Director Cabral, Warren
Front of House Olivey, Freda D.
Hair & Make-up Richards, Debbie
Hair & Make-up Robinson, Dawn
Hair & Make-up Smith, Heidi
Hair & Make-up Head Hansford, Andrew Colin
House Manager Callaghan, Brian
House Manager Defontes, Michael
House Manager Jolliffe, Don
House Manager Moffat, Mark
House Manager Pires, Robert
House Manager Rushe, George
House Manager Smith, Greg
House Manager Williams, Viv
Lighting Design Hallett, Annette
Lights Byrd, David
Lights Lathan, Richie
Lights Waddell, Beverley
Musical Director Gallant, Gaynor
Photographer DeCouto, Marshall
Poster Birrell, Rodney
Poster Thomas, Dudley
Producer McCullagh, Susan
Production Assistant Littleboy, Christine
Production Liaison Shirley, Candy
Production Liaison Shirley, Holly
Production Liaison Shirley, Susan
Programme McCullagh, Susan
Programme Watts, Steve
Prompt Butterfield, Katherine
Properties Hannant, Jean
Properties Maccoy, Paul
Properties Shirley, Candy
Properties Shirley, Holly
Properties Shirley, Susan
Publicity Cabral, Louise
Rehearsal Musician Burn, James
Rehearsal Musician Gallant, Gaynor
Set Construction Gardner, John
Set Construction Lounsbury, Gary
Set Construction Lucas, Bob
Set Construction Tavares, Michael
Set Construction Watts, Steve
Set Construction Head Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Design Lounsbury, Gary
Set Painting Butterfield, Katherine
Set Painting Froomkin, Donna
Set Painting Froomkin, Joel
Set Painting Pasquin, Michelle
Set Painting Tavares, Lyn
Set Painting Woolf, Niall
Set Painting Head Mills, Jon
Sound Blee, Kevin P.
Sound Branco, Michael
Sound Cox, Margot
Sound Gallant, Steve
Sound Hassell, Colin
Sound Madden, Bill
Sound March, Chris
Sound Simpson, Janet C.
Sound Watts, Steve
Sound Design Weber, Mark
Special Effects Birch, Ian
Stage Manager Bailey, Barry J.
Technical Manager Blee, Kevin P.
Usher Brown, Shirley N.
Usher Callaghan, Madeline
Usher Defontes, Anne Marie
Usher Dey, Connie
Usher Edmunds, Dee
Usher Ellison, Vera
Usher Lowry, Veronica
Usher Moffat, Valerie
Usher Northcot, Jean
Usher Rushe, Claire
Usher Simpson, Janet C.
Usher Smith, Elaine
Usher Williams, Janice
Wardrobe Coffey, Helen
Wardrobe Cooper, Melanie
Wardrobe Edwards, Chris
Wardrobe Italiano, Piera
Wardrobe Lowry, Veronica
Wardrobe Mello, Jennifer
Wardrobe Moffett, Jennifer
Wardrobe Murray, Kimberly
Wardrobe Pyrah, Janet
Wardrobe Tringham, Helen
Wardrobe Whalley, Joy
Wardrobe White, Jacqui
Wardrobe Mistress Roberts, Hilary