The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Wife

Author : Shores, Del
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
04-May-2017 - 13-May-2017


Role Person
Acknowledgement Campbell, Jennifer
Acknowledgement Maccoy, Paul
Acknowledgement MacKenzie, Deborah
Acknowledgement MacLean, Janice
Acknowledgement Notman, Susanne
Acknowledgement Shiell, Laurie
Assistant Stage Manager Correia, Debbie
Bar Coordinator Amott, Sandy
Bartender Anderson, Vicky
Bartender Burkholder, Ray
Bartender Campbell, Jennifer
Bartender Gilmour, Angela
Bartender Heaney, Joanna
Bartender Jaeger, Daniel
Bartender Legere, Bob
Bartender Matcham, Hilda
Bartender McGlynn, Elaine
Bartender O'Sullivan, Siobhan
Bartender Pickering, Samantha
Bartender Spalding,Yunique
Bartender Viera. Ronald
Box Office Campbell, Jennifer
Box Office Greig, Josephine
Box Office Tavares, Sherry
Box Office Manager Kulmala, Andrea
Cast & Crew Party Campbell, Jennifer
Cast & Crew Party Flood, Nicola
Costumes Flood, Nicola
Director Flood, Nicola
Fight Choreography King, Maxwell
Front of House Manager Anderson, Vicky
House Manager/Usher Angiers, Shawn
House Manager/Usher Birch, Carol
House Manager/Usher Cowen, Heidi
House Manager/Usher Dale, Betty
House Manager/Usher Dale, John
House Manager/Usher Dobbie, Monica
House Manager/Usher Lomas, Keren
House Manager/Usher MacGregor, Evelyn
House Manager/Usher MacLean, Janice
House Manager/Usher Rendell, Grahame
House Manager/Usher Rushe, Claire
House Manager/Usher Swain, Michael
House Manager/Usher Yates, Anita
Invited Audience Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Lighting Design Lathan, Richie
Lighting Design Lathan, Zachary
Lights Muggleton, Emma
Make-up King, Maxwell
Musical Director Ray, Tom
Photographer MacDonald, Kevin
Poster Artwork Birch, Carol
Producer Hall, Theresa
Programme Design/Compilation Flood, Nicola
Prompt Correia, Debbie
Properties Hardtman, Tiffany
Properties Head Browne, Sally
Publicity Campbell, Jennifer
Publicity Assistant Faulkner-Meek, Emilie
Publicity Assistant Mello, Roger
Publicity Assistant Williams, Charlotte
Set Construction & Crew Beaumont, Graham
Set Construction & Crew Cavaliere, Sandro
Set Construction & Crew Flood, Glenn
Set Construction & Crew Havlicek, Peter
Set Construction & Crew Hubbard, Reid
Set Construction & Crew Langley, Tom
Set Construction & Crew McGrath, Nick
Set Construction & Crew O'Sullivan, Adrian
Set Construction & Crew Wright, Paul
Set Construction Head Biffin, Martin
Set Design Flood, Nicola
Set Dressing Atcheson, Christine
Set Dressing Brier, Mary
Set Dressing Browne, Sally
Set Dressing Head Flood, Nicola
Set Painting Anderson, Vicky
Set Painting Birrer, Kurt
Set Painting Campbell, Jennifer
Set Painting MacKenzie, Deborah Darrell
Set Painting Design Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Head Langley, Tom
Sound Design Smith, Tommy
Stage Manager Doars, Dee
Videography Burkholder, Ray