Jack and the Beanstalk

Author : Rutherford
Author : Wilcock
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
08-Dec-1967 - 16-Dec-1967


Role Person
Acknowledgement Mancini, Father
Advance Booking Lough, Hazel
Advertising Dey, Connie
Assistant Director McIntosh, David
Assistant Production Manager Hill, Carol
Assistant Production Manager Wingate, Anita
Assistant Stage Manager Cox, Janet
Assistant Stage Manager Draycott, Terry
Box Office Harmer, Nesta
Box Office Manager Holland, Nancie
Call Girl Armstrong, Myra
Call Girl Hopkins, Mary
Call Girl McCarty, Sheila
Call Girl Walker, Janet
Choreographic Assistant Dempster, Pamela
Choreographic Assistant White, Bea
Choreography Dempster, Kay
Costume Co-ordinator Roche, Elizabeth
Costumes Amaral, Joy
Costumes Anderson, Maureen
Costumes Baron, Pauline
Costumes Bestford, Lena
Deputy Stage Manager McIntosh, David
Director Morrison, Bette
House Manager Cooke, William J.
House Manager Fishbein, Larry
House Manager Harmer, Leslie B.
House Manager Mason, William
House Manager Monks, Rosemary
Lighting Consultant Hopkins, Mary
Lighting Design Hallett, Bruce
Lights Baxter, Philip
Lights Cope, David
Lights Dyer, Vince
Lights Griffin, Danny
Lights Ingham, Delano
Lights Neilson, John
Lights Paley, Gerald
Lights Tatem, Skipper
Lights Young, Michael
Make-up Dempster, Kay
Make-up Fafoutakis, Anne
Make-up Fishbein, Bert
Make-up Keshner, Bea
Make-up Kirby, Iris
Make-up May, Mary
Make-up Salter, Penny
Make-up Willcocks, Pamela
Make-up Wingate, Anita
Make-up Design Cooke, Gladys
Make-up Head Sherman, Roger W.
Musical Director Smith, Raymond
Poster Wilkie, Gaye
Production Manager Houghton, Freda
Programme Wilkie, Gaye
Prompt Lucas, Ann
Prompt Seiden, Meredith
Properties Jolley, Phyllis
Properties Seeley, Carol
Properties Young, Pamela
Properties Head Standring, Meg
Publicity White, Bea
Rehearsal Musician Cooper, Barbara
Set Construction Barber, Wally
Set Construction Hallett, Bruce
Set Construction Marirea, Howard
Set Construction Martin, Mike
Set Construction McNaught, Ian
Set Construction Morrison, Alan
Set Construction Osbaldeston, Colin
Set Construction Simpson, Harold
Set Construction Ward, Eric
Set Design McNaught, Ian
Sound Bainbridge, Alan
Sound Gauntlett, Jack
Sound Hart, Keith
Sound Thornton, Wayne
Sound Consultant Keeble, Graham
Stage Manager McNaught, Ian
Ushers Olivey, Freda D.
Wardrobe Boyes, Susan
Wardrobe Briggs, Dorothy
Wardrobe Coleman, Mary
Wardrobe Hemingway, Jan
Wardrobe Jones, Mai
Wardrobe Mocklow, Angela
Wardrobe Mouland, Ann
Wardrobe Robinson, Gwen
Wardrobe Rogers, Rosalind
Wardrobe Siggins, Margaret
Wardrobe Wingate, Anita
Wardrobe Mistress Garrity, Chris
Wardrobe Mistress Macpherson, Lindsey