Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Music & Lyrics : Sondheim, Stephen
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
08-May-2002 - 18-May-2002


Role Person
Acknowledgement Birch, Carol
Acknowledgement Brown, Angus
Acknowledgement Callaghan, Brian
Acknowledgement Curren, Fiona
Acknowledgement Dorrell, Mark
Acknowledgement Fell, Richard
Acknowledgement Foster, Brian
Acknowledgement Foster, Carol
Acknowledgement Hannant, Jean
Acknowledgement Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Acknowledgement Hebberd, Peter
Acknowledgement McIntosh, Philip
Acknowledgement Ross, Kate
Acknowledgement Thompson, Nancy
Acknowledgement Thompson, Paige
Acknowledgement Thompson, Roger
Assistant Director Godfrey, Robbie
Assistant Stage Manager Butterfield, Jeane
Book Gelbart, Larry
Book Shevelove, Burt
Box Office Birch, Carol
Box Office Grubesich, Denise
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Madeiros, Andrea
Box Office Moore, Valerie
Box Office Redahan, Carol
Box Office Robertson, Sheilagh
Catering Goodfellow, Delight
Catering Swain, Anita
Catering Swain, Michael
Choreography Brown, Clare A.
Costume Design Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Benn, Christine
Costumes Harris, Coral
Costumes Hastings-Smith, Julie
Costumes Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Moore, Valerie
Costumes Petty, Greta
Costumes Pyrah, Janet
Crew Klesniks, Richard
Director Bligh, Nick
Front of House Brown, Shirley N.
Front of House Callaghan, Brian
Front of House Copeland, Philip
Front of House Cox, Penny
Front of House Dakin, Clive
Front of House Dobbie, Monica
Front of House Jones, Phillip
Front of House MacKenzie, Debbie
Front of House Moore, Valerie
Front of House Pyrah, Janet
Front of House Rendell, Grahame
Front of House Roberts, Hilary
Front of House Robertson, Sheilagh
Front of House Rushe, Claire
Front of House Saunders, Bonnie
Front of House Shane, Jo
Front of House Smith, Tudor
Front of House Swain, Anita
Front of House Swain, Michael
Front of House Tatem, Sandy
Front of House Tayler, Hazel
Front of House Vallender, Ian
Hair & Make-up Birch, Carol
Hair & Make-up Hill, Stephanie
Hair & Make-up Payne, Rebecca
Hair & Make-up Powell, JoAnna
Hair & Make-up Shelley MacKinnon-Burgess
Lighting Design Brier, Mary
Lights Brier, Jim
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Clabaugh, Caroline
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Jurgensen, Jan
Lights McIntosh, Philip
Musical Director Dorrell, Mark
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Poster Clifford, Matthew
Producer Hastings-Smith, Julie
Programme Clifford, Matthew
Programme Hastings-Smith, Julie
Properties Goodfellow, Delight
Properties Nicholls, Barbara
Properties Zubris, Donna
Publicity Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Set Construction Billington, Tina
Set Construction Birch, James
Set Construction Copeland, Philip
Set Construction Frith, Andrew
Set Construction Jurgensen, Jan
Set Construction Kilbane, Brian
Set Construction Klesniks, Richard
Set Construction Labonte, Andre
Set Construction Luckham, Kevin
Set Construction Siggins, Jessica
Set Construction Tufts, Douglas
Set Construction Vallender, Ian
Set Design Klesniks, Richard
Set Painting Butterfield, Jeane
Set Painting Carrol, Suzanne
Set Painting Coash, Julie
Set Painting Davidson, Sue
Set Painting Gorham, Laura
Set Painting Hannant, Jean
Set Painting Jackson, Jill
Set Painting Jackson, Veronica
Set Painting Jurgensen, Jan
Set Painting Klesniks, Richard
Set Painting Lindsay, Happy
Set Painting Lounsbury, Gary
Set Painting Nicholls, Barbara
Set Painting Robinson, Devonna
Stage Manager Jurgensen, Jan
Stage Manager Taylor, Lisa
Wardrobe Hannant, Jean
Wardrobe Harris, Coral
Wardrobe Petty, Greta
Wardrobe Rushe, Claire
Wardrobe Slaughter, Janet