Love's Labour's Lost

Author : Shakespeare, William
Composer : Davis, Carl
Composer : Gallant, Steve
Lyrics : McCulloch, Jane
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
10-Jul-2002 - 20-Jul-2002

Last show before the major renovations took place at Daylesford from 23rd July until early November.


Role Person
Acknowledgement Armstrong, Caroline
Acknowledgement Astwood, Denise
Acknowledgement Astwood, Kit
Acknowledgement Bates, Hayley
Acknowledgement Bluck, Jay
Acknowledgement Daniel, Helen
Acknowledgement Hannan, Jim
Acknowledgement Hannan, Nancy
Acknowledgement Hirschberg, Lorraine
Acknowledgement MacKenzie, Deborah Darrell
Acknowledgement Madeiros, Manuel
Acknowledgement Roberts, Jonny
Acknowledgement Rodriguez-Roberts, Fiona
Acknowledgement Slaughter, Janet
Acknowledgement Slaughter, Paul
Assistant Director Shane, Jo
Assistant Stage Manager Redahan, Carol
Assistant Stage Manager Siggins, Jessica
Box Office Grubesich, Denise
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Robertson, Sheilagh
Box Office Manager Madeiros, Andrea
Cast & Crew Party Swain, Anita
Cast & Crew Party Swain, Michael
Choreography Mello, Debbie
Costume Design Jones, Barbara M.
Director McCulloch, Jane
Front of House Callaghan, Brian
Hair & Make-up Birch, Carol
House Manager/Usher Bates, Hayley
House Manager/Usher Beasley, Lorraine
House Manager/Usher Billing, Deborah
House Manager/Usher Brown, Shirley N.
House Manager/Usher Butterfield, Jeane
House Manager/Usher Callaghan, Brian
House Manager/Usher Dakin, Clive
House Manager/Usher Davey, Penny
House Manager/Usher Dobbie, Monica
House Manager/Usher Fountain, Miranda
House Manager/Usher Gauthier, Donna
House Manager/Usher Harris, Coral
House Manager/Usher Jolliffe, Don
House Manager/Usher Moffett, Jennifer
House Manager/Usher Murphy, Kerry
House Manager/Usher Nicholls, Barbara
House Manager/Usher Osmond, Jennifer
House Manager/Usher Rayner, Eugene
House Manager/Usher Rendell, Grahame
House Manager/Usher Roberts, Hilary
House Manager/Usher Rushe, Claire
House Manager/Usher Simpson, Janet C.
House Manager/Usher Summers, Carol
House Manager/Usher Swain, Anita
House Manager/Usher Swain, Michael
House Manager/Usher Udoh, Shella
House Manager/Usher Vallendar, Rhona
House Manager/Usher Vallender, Ian
House Manager/Usher Wright, Annette
Lighting Design Brier, Mary
Lights Blood, Chris
Lights Brier, Jim
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Clabaugh, Caroline
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Labonte, Andre
Lights Linedale, Rachel
Musical Director Gallant, Gaynor
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Photographer Roberts, Hilary
Poster Branson, Clive
Producer Slaughter, Janet
Programme Slaughter, Paul
Prompt Hannant, Jean
Properties Geiger, Gail
Properties Nicholls, Barbara
Properties Redahan, Carol
Properties Rushe, Claire
Properties Willmott, Hannah
Properties Head Goodfellow, Delight
Properties Head Zubris, Donna
Publicity Payne, Rebecca
Set Construction Frith, Andrew
Set Construction Jurgensen, Jan
Set Construction Klesniks, Richard
Set Design Jurgensen, Jan
Set Painting Brier, Mary
Set Painting Coleman, Fergus
Set Painting Dempster, Dan
Set Painting Fornazaric, Pedro
Set Painting Gorham, Laura
Set Painting Hastings-Smith, Julie
Set Painting Jurgensen, Jan
Set Painting Klesniks, Richard
Set Painting Lee, Kok Wan
Set Painting Nicholls, Barbara
Set Painting Rockwood, Ashley
Set Painting Stella-Phillips, Vivian
Sound Gardner, John
Special Artwork Dempster, Dan
Stage Manager Frith, Andrew
Wardrobe Hannant, Jean
Wardrobe Petty, Greta