Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Author : Morrison, Stuart
Venue : Earl Cameron Theatre, Hamilton
05-Dec-2019 - 14-Dec-2019


Role Person
Acknowledgement Aguiar, Joe
Acknowledgement Beach, Eryn
Acknowledgement Beach, Tracey
Acknowledgement Conyers, Heather
Acknowledgement Conyers, Tom
Acknowledgement Godfrey, Robbie
Acknowledgement Knight, Fred
Acknowledgement Knight, Liz
Acknowledgement Mello, Roger
Acknowledgement Stokely, Giles
Acknowledgement Waddell, John
Assistant Stage Manager Browne, Sally
Assistant Stage Manager Roberts-Holshouser, Suzann
Auditions Co-ordinator Day, Kim
Auditions/Casting Beach, Tracey
Auditions/Casting Kempe, Will
Auditions/Casting MacGregor, Evelyn
Auditions/Casting Maule, Lisa
Auditions/Casting McLean, Janice
Auditions/Casting Morrison, Stuart
Auditions/Casting Pitman, Dave
Auditions/Casting Whitestone, Christine
Backstage Crew Anderson, Nicole
Backstage Crew Gardner, John
Backstage Crew Johnson, Toni
Backstage Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Backstage Crew Marsh, Peter
Backstage Crew O'Connor, Matthew
Backstage Crew Pearce, Elaine
Backstage Crew Pedro, Miranda
Backstage Crew Thorpe, Jane
Band Arrangements Pinchbeck, Nick
Between Show Catering Butterfield-Wallbank, Val
Box Office Day, Kim
Box Office Doars, Dee
Box Office Manager Kulmala, Andrea
Child Chaperones Head McLean, Janice
Children's Chorus Supervisor Betschart, Tamara
Children's Chorus Supervisor Chiurazzi, Carmela
Children's Chorus Supervisor Haycock-Tafur, Sarah
Children's Chorus Supervisor Heaney, Joanna
Children's Chorus Supervisor Legere, Gloria
Children's Chorus Supervisor Pina, Maria
Children's Chorus Supervisor Viera, Latoni
Children's Chorus Supervisor White, Jenn
Choreographer Morrell, Charlotte
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Amott, Sandy
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Andrade, David
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Barr, James
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Brooks, Alan
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Brown, Hugh
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Chatergoon, Anil
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Correia, Josh
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Davidson, Sue
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Farrow, Thom
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Gilmour, Angela
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Harshaw, Paul
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Harvey, Bryony
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Hassell, Lynn
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Hollis, Adria
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Joynson, Kelly
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Joynson, Neil
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Kempe, Billie Rose
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Kempe, Will
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Leahy, Paul
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Low, Chris
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Martin, Diana
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Matcham, Hilda
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Monroe, Gina
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Naugler, Michael
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Ray, Melissa
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Rumbelow, Megan
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Savoury, Jason
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Simons, Claire
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Simons, Nicole
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Smith, Joanne
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Strachan, Ian
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Umer, Faryal
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Umer, Zoraiz
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Viera, Pat
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Viera, Ronald
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Watkins, Linda
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Watkins, Paul
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Whitestone, Christine
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales Zuill, Mark
City Hall Bar Head Anderson, Vicky
Costumes Outerbridge, Barbara
Costumes Head Jones, Barbara
Crew Boss Johnson, Scott
Director Morrison, Stuart
Elf Masucci, Kaya
Elf Nicholson-Pavkovic, Lara
Elf Smith, Eloise
Elf Stevens, Mathis
Flies Boss Gardner, John
Flies Boss Johnson, Scott
Front of House McLean, Janice
House Manager/Usher Adwick, Peter
House Manager/Usher Amarasinghe, Anna
House Manager/Usher Anderson, Vicky
House Manager/Usher Bardgett, Laura
House Manager/Usher Bendell, Sue
House Manager/Usher Betschart, Tamara
House Manager/Usher Campbell, Jennifer
House Manager/Usher Chatergoon, Anil
House Manager/Usher Chiurazzi, Carmela
House Manager/Usher Cox, Margot
House Manager/Usher Dakin, Coral
House Manager/Usher Dale, Betty
House Manager/Usher Dale, John
House Manager/Usher Dobbie, Monica
House Manager/Usher Flood, Reuben
House Manager/Usher Haycock-Tafur, Sarah
House Manager/Usher Joell, Deborah
House Manager/Usher Joell, Voorhees
House Manager/Usher MacGregor, Evelyn
House Manager/Usher Matcham, Hilda
House Manager/Usher Mendes, Lauren
House Manager/Usher Mendes, Leslie
House Manager/Usher Notman, Stephen
House Manager/Usher Pauwels, Mia
House Manager/Usher Perinchief, Sarah
House Manager/Usher Powell, Jocelyn
House Manager/Usher Ray, Tom
House Manager/Usher Rendell, Grahame
House Manager/Usher Robertson, Sheilagh
House Manager/Usher Rushe, Claire
House Manager/Usher Simons, Nicole
House Manager/Usher Smith, Joanne
House Manager/Usher Smith, Nancy
House Manager/Usher Talbot, Lyndsey
House Manager/Usher Weakley, Memsie
House Manager/Usher Whitestone, Christine
Invited Audience Doars, Dee
Keyboard Programming/Track Arrangement Pitman, Dave
Lighting & Sound Consultant Bennett, Charlie
Lighting & Sound Consultant Smith, Tommy
Lighting Crew Bennett, Charlie
Lighting Crew Brier, Jym
Lighting Crew Keeping, Derek
Lighting Crew Morley, Wayne
Lighting Crew Onyia, Olivia
Lighting Design Brier, Mary
Make-up Chilvers, Heather
Make-up Cox, Penny
Make-up Elizabeth, Astoria
Make-up Pearce, Elaine
Merchandise Coordinator/Sales Anderson, Vicky
Mrs Claus Hollis, Adria
Mrs Claus Kennedy, Catherine
Mrs Claus Nicholson, Donna
Mrs Claus Pearce, Elaine
Mrs Claus Robertson, Sheilagh
Music Consultant/Session Musician George, Raymond
Musical Director Pitman, Dave
Parking Lot Security - Head Campbell, Jennifer
Patrons Kulmala, Andrea
Photographer Joell, Voorhees
Photographer Rynne, Anthony
Pit Singer Brier, Jym
Pit Singer Brunson, Jon
Pit Singer Hallett, Paige
Pit Singer Kyme, Kate
Poster & Programme Cover Flood, Nicola
Producer Correia, Debby
Producer Day, Kim
Producer Flood, Nicola
Programme Campbell, Jennifer
Programme Correia, Debby
Programme Day, Kim
Programme Haycock-Tafur, Sarah
Programme Simons, Nicole
Programme Advertising Whitestone, Christine
Programme Design/Compilation Whitestone, Christine
Projection Correia, Debby
Properties Crew Bardgett, Laura
Properties Crew Beach, Tracey
Properties Crew Cadorin, Diana
Properties Crew Lamerton, Jennie
Properties Crew Rushe, Claire
Properties Head Brown, Cheryl
Publicity Campbell, Jennifer
Publicity De Costa, Karolina
Publicity Hall, Liana
Publicity Robertson, Sheilagh
Publicity Whitestone, Christine
Publicity Head Day, Kim
Santa Claus Jaeger, Daniel
Santa Claus Notman, Stephen
Santa Claus Stewart, Tim
Santa Claus Thompson, David
Santa Rota Day, Kim
Set Artist Pasquin, Michelle
Set Construction Head Flood, Nicola
Set Construction/Move In Crew Barr, James
Set Construction/Move In Crew Brown, Hugh
Set Construction/Move In Crew Correia, Debby
Set Construction/Move In Crew Flood, Glenn
Set Construction/Move In Crew Johnson, Scott
Set Construction/Move In Crew Lake, Steve
Set Construction/Move In Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction/Move In Crew Legere, Bob
Set Construction/Move In Crew Morley, Wayne
Set Construction/Move In Crew Notman, Stephen
Set Construction/Move In Crew White, Andrew
Set Construction/Move In Crew Wright, Paul
Set Construction/Move In Crew Zimmerer, Rudi
Set Design Head Pettitt, Cleo
Set Painting Crew Amott, Sandy
Set Painting Crew Anderson, Vicky
Set Painting Crew Brown, Cheryl
Set Painting Crew Browne, Sally
Set Painting Crew Campbell, Jennifer
Set Painting Crew Cedrone, Eli
Set Painting Crew Collins, Eric
Set Painting Crew Correia, Debby
Set Painting Crew Dakin, Coral
Set Painting Crew Flood, Nicola
Set Painting Crew Gilmour, Angela
Set Painting Crew Joynson, Kelly
Set Painting Crew Joynson, Neil
Set Painting Crew McDowall, Kensley
Set Painting Crew Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Crew Ray, Melissa
Set Painting Crew Robertson, Sheilagh
Set Painting Crew Rushe, Claire
Set Painting Crew Simons, Nicole
Set Painting Crew White, Andrew
Set Painting Crew Whitestone, Christine
Sound Crew Bennett, Charlie
Sound Crew Outerbridge, Christina
Sound Crew Smith, Tommy
Sound Head Grainge, Charlie
Special Effects Head Correia, Debby
Stage Manager Correia, Debby
Videographer Hamilton, Mark
Visual Effects Consultant Joell, Voorhees
Wardrobe Claude, Kristen
Wardrobe Claude, Melanie
Wardrobe Diamond, Lisa
Wardrobe Gibbons, Kiara
Wardrobe Heaney, Joanna
Wardrobe Martis, Natalie
Wardrobe Outerbridge, Liza
Wardrobe Pearce, Elaine
Wardrobe Weeks, Melissa
Wardrobe Wilson, Amber
Wardrobe Wilson, Bernadette
Wardrobe Head Outerbridge, Barbara
Wardrobe Head Roberts-Simas, Mandy