Follow the Star

Author : Daly, Wally K.
Music : Parker, Jim
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
04-Dec-1986 - 13-Dec-1986


Role Person
Acknowledgement Drew, Bryan
Acknowledgement Laine, Maurice
Acknowledgement Leeth, Arthur
Acknowledgement MacGregor-Beaudoin, Evelyn
Acknowledgement Selley, Jane
Acknowledgement Selley, Mark
Acknowledgement Tetlow, Diana
Artistic Director Dennis, Peter
Assistant Business Manager MacGregor-Beaudoin, Evelyn
Assistant Choreographer Fell, Richard
Assistant Stage Manager Power, Sue
Assistant to Director Brindeau, Michelle
Assistant to Producer Selley, Jane
Box Office Cavill, Pat
Box Office Cox, Janet
Box Office Davies, Jan
Box Office Dickinson, Karen
Box Office Green, Mavis
Box Office Holden, Terry
Box Office Newmarch, Anne
Box Office Rendell, Carol
Box Office Shea, Sue
Box Office Spearing, Sylvia
Box Office Steele, Hazel
Box Office Manager Holden, Julie
Business Manager Quinn, Jarlath
Choreography Troake, Jocelyn
Costume Co-ordinator Smith, Jacqui
Costume Design Tetlow, Diana
Costumes Allen, Toni
Costumes Dyer, Jane
Costumes Fox, Benny
Costumes Greet, Llinell
Costumes Hallett, Annette
Costumes Hodgson, Sal
Costumes Holt, Beverley
Costumes Miller, Margaret
Costumes Perry, Linda
Costumes Sampson, Penny
Costumes Smith, Jacqui
Costumes Waddell, Monica
Costumes Wasson, Bernice
Costumes Watkinson, Elaine
Crew Cavill, Tony
Crew Cox, Margot
Crew Durrant, Libby
Crew Elliott, Susan
Crew Jent, Michael
Crew Jones, Barbara M.
Crew Lyons, Lynn
Crew Lyons, Tony
Crew Shea, Sue
Crew Simpson, Janet C.
Crew Smith, Ian
Crew Waddell, Beverley
Deputy Stage Manager MacKenzie, Debbie
Front of House Olivey, Freda D.
Lighting Design Dawson, Mike
Lights Gibbons, Annette
Lights Kay, Sara
Lights Kermode, Nigel
Lights O'Kelly, Emer
Lights Wheil, Steve
Make-up Head Fraser, Annabella Gaye
Musical Director McCully, Gloria
Photographer Birch, Ian
Poster Mello, Michael
Producer Davies, Jan
Programme Elliott, Susan
Prompt Jemal, Caroline
Properties Baker, Barbara E.
Properties McCallan, Kim
Properties Pires, Robert
Properties Rhilinger, Lois
Properties Shea, Sue
Properties Stansfield, Elaine
Publicity Elliott, Susan
Rehearsal Musician Jones, Greta
Set Construction Birch, Ian
Set Construction Davies, Tony
Set Construction Dawson, Charles
Set Construction Dickinson, Steve
Set Construction Farrington, Paul
Set Construction Fox, Benny
Set Construction Instone, John
Set Construction Jolliffe, Don
Set Construction Jones, Barbara M.
Set Construction Kelley, Suzanne
Set Construction Lefebvre, David
Set Construction Lyons, Lynn
Set Construction MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Construction McMillan, Robin
Set Construction Mills, Jon
Set Construction Mitchell, Gillian
Set Construction Oldfield, Susan
Set Construction Rushe, George
Set Construction Smith, Joe
Set Construction Spurling, Stanley
Set Construction Head Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Design Noyes, Alan
Sound Beaudoin, Paul
Sound Wilson, Gavin
Special Effects Waddell, Leslie
Stage Manager Davies, Tony
Wardrobe Faulkner, Penny
Wardrobe Francis, Zena
Wardrobe Lancaster, Kim
Wardrobe Masters, Jill
Wardrobe O'Doherty, Tish
Wardrobe Waddell, Monica
Wardrobe Zonicle, Pat
Wardrobe Mistress Randolph, Betty