I Do! I Do!

Author : Jones, Tom
Author : Schmidt, Harvey
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
23-Sep-1976 - 02-Oct-1976
Character Person
Agnes Spach, Mary Dale
Michael Spach, Jay
Pianist Simmons, Craig
Role Person
Acknowledgement Parvey, Francis
Acknowledgement Parvey, Judy
Assistant Stage Manager McIntosh, Philip
Assistant to Producer Holling, Jan
Bar Lee-Emery, Adrian
Box Office Shaw, John
Business Manager Tormey, George
Choreography Scoledge, Mary
Creative Director Williams, Flynn E.
Director Love, Floyd R.
Front of House Cox, Penny
Lighting Design Mills, Fred
Musical Director Salvo, Sebastion
Poster Pengilley, Jenny
Poster Pengilley, Michael
Producer Love, Floyd R.
Production Manager Kelly, Lesley
Production Manager Morgan, Ken
Properties Edridge, Jeanne
Properties Smith, Barbara
Properties Smith, Valerie
Set Construction Hodgson, Malcolm
Set Construction Pengilley, Michael
Set Design Hodgson, Malcolm
Set Design Pengilley, Michael
Stage Manager Preston, Rick