Author : Crocker, John
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
04-Dec-1970 - 12-Dec-1970


Role Person
Advance Booking Lough, Hazel
Assistant Production Manager Noyes, Rita
Assistant Stage Manager Briggs, Dorothy
Assistant Stage Manager Dufour, Madeline
Assistant to Director Zethner, Meg
Box Office Manager Pfaffle, Roy
Call Girl Cooper, Annette
Call Girl Redding, Ora
Choreography Hodgson, Sal
Choreography Young, Lee
Costume Design Lynge, Kenneth
Costume Design Roche, Elizabeth
Costumes Barber, Arlene
Costumes Bestford, Lena
Costumes Broadhurst, Kay
Costumes Chapman, Susan
Costumes Coleman, Jan
Costumes Davey, Betty
Costumes Ferreira, Zelia
Costumes Furbert, Elois
Costumes Mansfield, Ann
Costumes Montague-Smith, Helen
Costumes Murphy, Elizabeth
Costumes Pfaffle, Nina
Costumes Pollock, Susan
Costumes Roche, Elizabeth
Costumes Roderick, Freda
Crew Adams, Sue
Crew Brown, Bubbles
Crew Crabtree, Kate
Crew Davies, Tony 'Screw'
Crew Goldstone, Harvey
Crew Hill, John
Crew McCarty, Sheila
Crew McIntosh, David
Crew Montgomery, Bill
Crew Murphy, Elizabeth
Crew Osbaldeston, Colin
Crew Primmer, Philip
Crew Suddards, Ian
Crew Taylor, Rodney
Crew White, Reg
Director Young, Lee
Front of House Olivey, Freda D.
Hairstyling Lynn, Miss
House Manager Hallett, Henry
House Manager Jackson, Albert
House Manager Mason, William
House Manager Pettit, Anthony
Lighting Design Hallett, Bruce
Lights Armstrong, Myra
Lights Cope, David
Lights Cunniff, Gaye
Lights Edridge, Jeanne
Lights Keeble, Graham
Lights Lough, John
Make-up Edmunds, Kay
Make-up Harper, Elaine
Make-up Murray, Marjorie W.
Make-up Proctor, Yann
Make-up Turner, Margaret
Make-up Head Flaherty, Pam
Musical Director Smith, Raymond
Photographer Rushe, George
Production Manager Houghton, Freda
Programme Cunniff, Gaye
Programme Wilkie, Joan
Prompt Zethner, Meg
Properties Dinmore, Daphne
Properties Hopkins, Pat
Properties McClure, Sandra
Properties Mello, Patsy
Properties Head Hopwood, Jill
Publicity Hopwood, Peter
Rehearsal Musician Crawford, Edward
Rehearsal Musician Skelton, Shane
Set Construction Head Green, Doug
Set Design Baxter, Royce
Sound Collett, Judy
Sound Keeble, Graham
Sound Salter, Penny
Sound Shaw, Brian
Stage Manager Bainbridge, Alan
Wardrobe Mistress Siggins, Margaret
Wardrobe Mistress Smith, Sheila