Author : Bart, Lionel
Author : Dickens, Charles
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
10-Dec-1981 - 19-Dec-1981


Role Person
Assistant Production Manager Mello, Jennifer
Assistant Stage Manager Brennan, Lorraine
Assistant to Director Power, Sue
Bar Moffat, Mark
Bar Tattington, Andrew
Box Office Orman, Daphne
Child Minder Hintz, Ron
Child Minder Stuart, Elizabeth
Choreography Conyers, Beth
Costume Design Hill, Monica
Costumes Archer, Yvonne
Costumes Baptiste, Vaughan
Costumes Bathurst, Pamela
Costumes Brown, Christine
Costumes Cross, Janet
Costumes Defontes, Anne Marie
Costumes Dunch, Tish
Costumes Dyer, Jane
Costumes Gaynor, Fiona
Costumes Gothliffe, Harriett
Costumes Instone, Sue
Costumes Johann, Elizabeth
Costumes Kempe, Jennifer
Costumes Kennedy, Eliza
Costumes Langmead, Elizabeth
Costumes Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Lyons, Lynn
Costumes Ming, Bernett
Costumes Norris, Lyndsay
Costumes Northworthy, Gina
Costumes O'Connor, Jill
Costumes Spring, Frances
Costumes Tetlow, Diana
Costumes Wingate, Elizabeth
Costumes Winning, Sue
Crew Instone, John
Crew McCammont, Fiona
Crew Morgan, Ken
Crew Thomas, Marion
Crew Thomas, Pat
Crew Thomson, John
Deputy Stage Manager Worrall, John
Director McKenzie, Maureen
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Front of House Olivey, Freda D.
Hairstyling Alain
Lighting Design Brown, Glen
Lighting Design Gibbons, Annette
Lights Gamble, Lilian
Lights Hall, Carol
Lights McCammont, Fiona
Lights Morgan, Barbara
Lights Woodhouse, Peter
Make-up Cox, Penny
Make-up Crossan, Agnes
Make-up Hirn, Deborah
Make-up Pavlak, Julie
Make-up Head Sherman, Roger W.
Musical Director Dill, Kenneth
Photographer Ross, Ann
Poster Johnson, Cathy
Production Manager Wells, Bernard
Programme Johnson, Cathy
Properties Beebe, Glen
Properties Blee, Kevin P.
Properties Brown, Shirley N.
Properties Clark, Kathy
Properties Jorritsma, Barbara
Properties MacGregor, Evelyn
Properties Smith, Barbara
Properties Smith, Valerie
Properties Head McArthur, Betty
Publicity Johnson, Cathy
Rehearsal Musician Pettit, Marjorie
Set Construction Arnold, Jack
Set Construction Conway, Steve
Set Construction Frick, Allan
Set Construction Lobb, Graham
Set Construction McIntosh, Philip
Set Construction Mitchell, David
Set Construction Morgan, Ken
Set Construction Stratton, Peter
Set Construction Taylor, Philip
Set Construction Thomson, John
Set Construction Waddell, John
Set Construction Worrall, John
Set Construction Head Spurling, Stanley
Set Design White, Reg
Sound Sherwood, Peter
Sound Design Wilson, Gavin
Special Effects Waddell, John
Special Effects Head Waddell, Leslie
Stage Manager Birch, Ian
Wardrobe Bell, Joan
Wardrobe Bell, Tim
Wardrobe Farge, Susan
Wardrobe Hintz, Betty
Wardrobe Johnson, Irene
Wardrobe McKittrick, Ona
Wardrobe Norris, Lyndsay
Wardrobe Nusum, Gracelyn
Wardrobe Pantry, Madelaine
Wardrobe Railton, Sue
Wardrobe Wyder, Patricia
Wardrobe Mistress Stanton, Marjorie