Fell, Richard

Involvement Year Event
House Manager/Usher 2009 Railway Children
House Manager/Usher 2009 Absurdities of the Season
Garry Essendine 2008 Present Laughter
Front of House 2007 Sisterhood
House Manager/Usher 2007 Work of Fiction
House Manager/Usher 2007 Walk in the Park
House Manager/Usher 2007 Bermuda Triangle
House Manager/Usher 2007 Continuously Equidistant
House Manager/Usher 2007 9 Months
House Manager/Usher 2007 Grass is Greener
House Manager/Usher 2007 Mystery of Edwin Drood
House Manager/Usher 2007 Sordid Lives
Usher 2006 Boston Marriage
Pato Dooley 2006 Beauty Queen of Leenane
House Manager/Usher 2006 Pandora's Drawers
House Manager/Usher 2006 Listers
House Manager/Usher 2006 He Did It Again
House Manager/Usher 2006 Start
House Manager/Usher 2006 Art Lesson
House Manager/Usher 2006 Hey Sister
House Manager 2005 Robinson Crusoe
Sidney Nichols 2005 California Suite
House Manager 2005 Wit
Usher 2005 Daylesford Singers: One Sing-ular Sensation
Usher 2005 GUMS - 6 Million Dollar Baby
House Manager 2005 Proof
House Manager/Usher 2004 Sleeping Beauty
Set Dressing 2004 Lend Me A Tenor
Edward 2004 Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Geoffrey 2004 Stepping Out
Director 2004 Special Person
House Manager/Usher 2003 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
House Manager/Usher 2003 After the Fall
Usher 2003 Legacy Falls
House Manager 2003 Legacy Falls
Acknowledgement 2002 Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
House Manager 2001 Assassins
Ko-Ko 2000 Hot Mikado
Set Painting 1997 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Front of House 1996 Death and the Maiden
Set Construction & Crew 1995 Merry Wives of Windsor
Director 1995 Old Time Music Hall
Assistant Director 1994 Joan of Arc
George, Duke of Clarence 1994 King Richard III
Sir James Tyrrel 1994 King Richard III
Set Dressing Head 1992 Little Foxes
Charlie Dyer 1991 Staircase
Acknowledgement 1990 Da
Acknowledgement 1990 Streetcar Named Desire
Algernon Moncrieff 1990 Importance of Being Earnest
Poster 1989 Wizard of Oz
Director 1989 Once a Catholic
Acknowledgement 1989 Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
Acknowledgement 1989 Wily Wicked Wolf
Acknowledgement 1988 Cinderella
Poster 1988 Cinderella
Set Dressing 1988 Old Time Music Hall
Set Design 1988 Old Time Music Hall
Monsieur 1988 Old Time Music Hall
Sound 1988 Odd Couple
Norman 1988 Dresser
Director 1987 Merely Players - Scenes from Shakespeare
Cast 1987 Merely Players - Scenes from Shakespeare
Assistant Choreographer 1986 Follow the Star
Controller 1986 Victoria Station
Acknowledgement 1986 Cabaret
Master of Ceremonies 1986 Cabaret
Lt. Thomas Keefer 1985 Caine Mutiny Courtmartial
Alistair Spenlow 1985 Move over Mrs. Markham
Stage Manager 1985 Night of January 16th
Director 1985 Once a Catholic
Leading Player 1984 Pippin
Costumes 1984 Pippin
Costume Design 1984 Pippin
Poster 1984 Educating Rita
Programme 1984 Educating Rita
Costumes 1984 Tempest
Ariel 1984 Tempest
Set Dressing 1983 On Golden Pond
Cocky 1983 Roar of the Greasepaint - Smell of the Crowd
Publicity 1982 Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal
Artful Dodger 1981 Oliver
Jesus of Nazareth 1980 Jesus Christ Superstar
Poster 1980 Jesus Christ Superstar
Poster 1979 Sing a Song of Sixpence
Director 1978 My Fair Lady
Featuring 1978 Pieces of Eight
Cast 1978 Best of Rattigan
Poster 1977 Cinderella
Buttons 1977 Cinderella
Make-up 1977 Winslow Boy
Costumes 1977 Winslow Boy
Poster 1977 Dock Brief
Poster 1977 Real Inspector Hound
Harold Gorringe 1977 Black Comedy
Publicity 1977 Gaslight
Set Construction & Painting 1977 Right Honourable Gentleman
Lights 1977 Right Honourable Gentleman
Princess Hyacinth 1976 Little Matchgirl
Mike 1976 Wait until Dark
Daisy Bell 1976 Miscellany
Roaring Twenties 1976 Miscellany
All for the Best 1976 Miscellany
Director 1976 Salad Days
Prince Florimond of Calydon 1975 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Make-up 1975 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
John the Baptist 1975 Godspell
Judas 1975 Godspell
Monsieur 1975 Old Time Music Hall
Set Construction 1975 Old Time Music Hall
Paris 1975 Tiger at the Gates