California Suite

Author : Simon, Neil
Composer : Gallant, Steve
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
06-Sep-2005 - 17-Sep-2005


Role Person
Accomodation Watts, Katherine
Accomodation Watts, Steve
Acknowledgement Klinkhammer, Fred
Acknowledgement Pantry, David
Assistant Stage Manager Bowness, Deborah
Assistant to Director Hanson, Rebecca
Bartender Bawn, Susan
Bartender Butterfield, Jeane
Bartender Chapman, Sarah
Bartender DeSilva, Dana
Bartender Dey, David
Bartender Elkins, Ken
Bartender Harris, Anna
Bartender Langly, Tom
Bartender Lindo, Joyce
Bartender Musco, Louisa
Bartender Phillips, Carol
Bartender Profit, Peter
Bartender Tavares, Toni
Bartender Tucker, Dal
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Box Office Lennon, Jeanette
Box Office Nicholls, Liz
Box Office Potts, Margaret
Box Office Redahan, Carol
Box Office Robertson, Sheilagh
Box Office Speakman, Denise
Box Office Veldhuizen, Margaret
Cast & Crew Party Slaughter, Janet
Cast & Crew Party Watts, Katherine
Cast & Crew Party Watts, Steve
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Deputy Stage Manager Butterfield, Jeane
Director Mollica, Marc
Front of House Udoh, Shella
Grid Monkey Cooke, James
Grid Monkey Frith, Andrew
Grid Monkey Monro, Alex
Grid Monkey Watts, Steve
Hair Harrold, Stefan
House Manager Dale, John
House Manager Doyle, Stuart
House Manager Hastings-Smith, Julie
House Manager Langly, Tom
House Manager Lee, Jane
House Manager Musco, Louisa
House Manager Roberts, Hilary
House Manager Shane, Jo
House Manager Swain, Michael
House Manager Udoh, Shella
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Parker, Doug
Make-up Flood, Victoria
Photographer Brier, Jim
Poster Gallant, Steve
Producer Shane, Jo
Producer Wilkinson, Nicola
Programme Gallant, Steve
Prompt Doyle, Stuart
Properties Burrell, Jenny
Properties Foy, Evelyn
Properties Maryam, Zawditu
Properties McIntosh, Hollie
Properties McIntosh, Philip
Properties Varrence, Wendy
Publicity Shane, Jo
Publicity Wilkinson, Nicola
Set Construction Bullman, Emily
Set Construction Bullman, Ron
Set Construction Butterfield, Jeane
Set Construction Evans, Alison
Set Construction Godfrey, Henry
Set Construction Klinkhammer, Fred
Set Construction Labonte, Andre
Set Construction MacDonald, Kevin
Set Construction Monro, Alex
Set Construction Reader, Martin
Set Construction Wallace, David
Set Construction Wilkinson, Nicola
Set Design Butterfield, Jeane
Set Dressing Butterfield, Jeane
Set Painting Burrell, Jenny
Set Painting Butterfield, Jeane
Set Painting Connery, Jacqueline
Set Painting Dunton, Lizzy
Set Painting Evans, Alison
Set Painting Harris, Anna
Set Painting Harris, Cecily
Set Painting Labonte, Andre
Set Painting Maryam, Zawditu
Set Painting Reader, Birte
Set Painting Veldhuizen, Margaret
Set Painting Wilkinson, Nicola
Sound Brier, Jim
Sound Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie
Sound Foy, Evelyn
Sound Gardner, John
Special Effects Frith, Andrew
Special Effects Wallace, David
Special Effects Watts, Steve
Stage Manager Birch, Carol
Trivia Wilkinson, Nicola
Usher Adwick, Peter
Usher Bendell, Sue
Usher Bradarovic, Beatrice
Usher Chapman, Sarah
Usher Cribbon, Claire
Usher Dale, Betty
Usher Dale, John
Usher Davey, Penny
Usher Doyle, Stuart
Usher Dupres, Mel
Usher Gallant, Steve
Usher Henderson, Ruth
Usher Mabon, Duncan
Usher Pedro, Mia
Usher Roberts, Hilary
Usher Scully, Carolina
Usher Seymour, Sandra
Usher Swain, Anita
Usher Swain, Michael
Usher Udoh, Shella
Wardrobe Rushe, Claire
Wardrobe Veri, Lillian
Wardrobe Wear, Elizabeth
Wardrobe Wilkinson, Nicola