Importance of Being Earnest

part of

Bermuda Festival

Author : Wilde, Oscar
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
19-Feb-1990 - 19-Feb-1990


Role Person
Acknowledgement Barbieri, Emilio
Acknowledgement Barbieri, Kathy
Acknowledgement Brown, Norman
Acknowledgement Jolliffe, Don
Acknowledgement Outerbridge, George
Acknowledgement Outerbridge, Jill
Acknowledgement Sellers, Betty
Acknowledgement Stott, Bea
Acknowledgement Tetley, Norman
Acknowledgement Tonks, Roger
Assistant Lighting Designer Reese, Arthur M.
Assistant Stage Manager Kennedy, Alan
Assistant to Director Winter, Kathryn
Cast & Crew Party Tavares, Lyn
Costume Design Tetlow, Diana
Costumes Buckler, Elayne
Costumes Campbell, Liz
Costumes Hallett, Annette
Costumes Jent, Carol
Costumes McCullagh, Susan
Costumes Smith, Marjorie
Costumes Tanner, Petra
Costumes Tetlow, Anna
Costumes Waddell, Monica
Crew Conder, John
Crew Kennedy, Alan
Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Crew Swain, Michael
Crew Vallender, Ian
Director Kermode, Nigel
Hair Day, Karen
Hair Evans, Sian
Hair Hansford, Andrew Colin
Lighting Design Hallett, Annette
Lights Bowen, Terrence
Lights Brooke, Trish
Lights Rayner, Eugene
Lights Troake, Jocelyn
Lights Whallen, Les
Make-up Flood, Pamela
Parasols Tanner, John
Parasols Tanner, Petra
Parasols Tetlow, Timothy
Producer Stanton, Marjorie
Prompt Buckler, Elayne
Prompt McCullagh, Susan
Properties Conder, Stephanie
Properties Hollis, Adria
Properties Rubin, Judith
Properties Head Brown, Shirley N.
Set Construction Cuthbertson, Tom
Set Construction Dudden, Steve
Set Construction Jones, Barbara M.
Set Construction Reese, Arthur M.
Set Construction Sampson, Mike
Set Construction Tavares, Michael
Set Design Tetlow, Diana
Set Painting Jovanovich, Judy
Set Painting Larzleer, Brian
Set Painting Midgett, Elmer
Set Painting Troake, Jocelyn
Sound Design Roberts, Paul
Sound Design Whalley, Andrew
Stage Manager Jones, Barbara M.
Wardrobe Campbell, Liz
Wardrobe Comber, Pat
Wardrobe Donovan, Susan
Wardrobe Stanton, Marjorie
Wardrobe Tetlow, Diana
Wardrobe White-Johnston, Tawnya
Wardrobe Mistress Waddell, Monica