Winslow Boy

Author : Rattigan, Terence
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
03-Oct-1977 - 08-Oct-1977


Role Person
Assistant Stage Manager Pitman, Bernard
Assistant to Director Trimingham, Andrew
Box Office Manager Shaw, John
Choreography Shaw, Elma
Costume Design Tetlow, Diana
Costumes Broadhurst, Dorothy
Costumes Bushnell, Kay
Costumes Fell, Richard
Costumes Instone, Sue
Costumes Johnson, Betty
Costumes Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Northcot, Jean
Costumes Randolph, Emma
Costumes Tetlow, Diana
Costumes Wingate, Elizabeth
Deputy Stage Manager McIntosh, Philip
Director French, Harold
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Lights Bendell, Annette
Lights Brown, Glen
Lights Gibbons, Annette
Lights Hallett, Bruce
Lights Hill, Penny
Lights Juett, Lin
Make-up Cox, Penelope
Make-up Fell, Richard
Make-up Notman, Susanne
Make-up Ruskin, Phyllis
Photographer Jackson, Nate
Poster Dempster, Dan J.
Producer Wells, Bernard
Prompt Edridge, Jeanne
Properties Mello, Jennifer
Properties O'Neill, David
Properties Wills, Pat
Publicity Wells, Bernard
Set Construction Arnold, Jack
Set Construction Bolton, David
Set Construction Bolton, Lesley
Set Construction Coffin, Tom
Set Construction Dove, Nick
Set Construction Ellison, Melanie
Set Construction Goggin, Peter
Set Construction Holden, Terry
Set Construction Matthews, Dermot
Set Construction McGovern, Suzie
Set Construction O'Neill, David
Set Construction Pengilley, Jenny
Set Construction White, Reg
Set Construction Head Pengilley, Michael
Set Design Pengilley, Jenny
Sound Comber, John
Sound Lodge, Christopher
Sound Lough, John
Stage Manager Woodhouse, Peter
Wardrobe Broadhurst, Dorothy