Merry Wives of Windsor

Author : Shakespeare, William
Music : Burn, James
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
21-Jul-1995 - 29-Jul-1995


Role Person
Acknowledgement Beard, John
Acknowledgement Belton, Peter
Acknowledgement Cabral, Louise
Acknowledgement Copeland, Philip
Acknowledgement Cox, Barbara
Acknowledgement Crichlow, Clevelyn
Acknowledgement Durrell, Jeremy
Acknowledgement Ferguson, Emily
Acknowledgement Froomkin, Saul
Acknowledgement Gallant, Gaynor
Acknowledgement Gibson, Elsbeth
Acknowledgement Gray, Patricia Sherwood
Acknowledgement Harris, Richard
Acknowledgement Hendrick, Allan
Acknowledgement Lamb, Edward
Acknowledgement MacGregor, Evelyn
Acknowledgement MacKenzie, Debbie
Acknowledgement Mello, Jennifer
Acknowledgement Siese, Anthony
Acknowledgement Simons, Charlotte
Acknowledgement Spurling, Brunell
Acknowledgement Stanton, David
Acknowledgement Tatem, Chris
Acknowledgement Tucker, Clarence
Acknowledgement Wills, Bill
Acknowledgement Woodhouse, Peter
Assistant Stage Manager Lewis, Jaqui
Assistant Stage Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Assistant Stage Manager Williams, Janice
Assistant to Director Wills, Jennifer
Box Office Bailey, Sue
Box Office Harrington, Mark
Box Office Keady, Barbara
Box Office MacGregor, Evelyn
Box Office Winter, Kathryn
Box Office Manager Musson, Karen
Choreography Waddell, Coral
Costume Design Froomkin, Joel
Costumes White-Johnston, Tawnya
Director Froomkin, Joel
Front of House Woolgar, Dorothy
Hair Chauncy
Hair Coombes, Peter
Hair Duffy, Karen
Hair Hopwood, Denise
Hair Pegg, Denise
Hairstyling Birch, Carol
Lighting Design Hallett, Annette
Lights Kaye, Hannah
Lights Larzleer, Brian
Lights Patterson, Lisa
Make-up Butterfield, Katherine
Make-up Hughes, Patricia
Make-up Outerbridge, Alison
Make-up Petty, Alison
Make-up Rollin, Judy
Period Supervisor Hannant, Jean
Poster Woolcock, Peter
Producer Froomkin, Donna
Programme Froomkin, Joel
Properties Brangman, Jane
Properties Hannant, Jean
Properties Hollis, Adria
Properties Shirley, Candy
Properties Shirley, Holly
Properties Shirley, Susan
Properties Head Moffett, Jennifer
Set Construction & Crew Dudden, Steve
Set Construction & Crew Fell, Richard
Set Construction & Crew Froomkin, Donna
Set Construction & Crew Froomkin, Saul
Set Construction & Crew Gardner, John
Set Construction & Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction & Crew Leseur, Andrew
Set Construction & Crew Margolis, Stewart
Set Construction & Crew Shirley, Candy
Set Construction & Crew Shirley, Holly
Set Construction & Crew Tavares, Michael
Set Construction & Crew Williams, Errol
Set Construction & Crew Williams, Viv
Set Construction & Crew Wright, Annette
Set Construction Head Klesniks, Richard
Set Design Froomkin, Joel
Set Dressing Woolgar, Dorothy
Set Painting Froomkin, Donna
Set Painting Froomkin, Joel
Sound Hassell, Colin
Stage Manager Williams, Viv
Typesetting Taylor, Tim
Voice Coach Webb, Brian
Wardrobe Campbell, Liz
Wardrobe Dyer, Jane
Wardrobe Dyer, Joanna
Wardrobe Jones, Barbara M.
Wardrobe Lobb, Donna
Wardrobe Roach, Pam
Wardrobe Slagel, Candy