King Richard III

part of

Bermuda Festival

Author : Shakespeare, William
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
23-Feb-1994 - 26-Feb-1994


Character Person
Archbishop of Canterbury Moorhead, Mervyn
Berkeley Maccoy, Paul
Bishop Dill, Sean
Bishop Maccoy, Paul
Duchess of York Freestone, Jeanette
Duke of Buckingham Kermode, Nigel
Duke of Norfolk Moorhead, Mervyn
Earl of Oxford Robinson, Edmund
Earl Rivers Rosser, Rob
Edward, Prince of Wales Frith, Daniel
George, Duke of Clarence Fell, Richard
Ghost of Henry VI Dill, David
Ghost of Prince Edward Watts, Steve
Guard Copeland, Philip
Guard Corlett, Derek
Guard Hansen, Jens
Guard Johnson, Ayo
Guard Robinson, Edmund
Henry, Earl of Richmond Lugo, Arthur
John Morton Copeland, Philip
King Edward IV Moorhead, Mervyn
Lady Anne Lamont, Rebecca
Lord Grey Hansen, Jens
Lord Hastings Pettingill, Mark
Lord Lovell Dudden, Steve
Lord Mayor of London Dill, David
Marquis of Dorset Watts, Steve
Messenger Johnson, Ayo
Messenger Robinson, Edmund
Murderer Dill, Sean
Murderer Maccoy, Paul
Noble Johnson, Ayo
Noble Robinson, Edmund
Pallbearer Johnson, Ayo
Pallbearer Robinson, Edmund
Priest Watts, Steve
Queen Elizabeth Hallett, Annette
Queen Margaret Hannant, Jean
Ratcliff Corlett, Derek
Richard Zuill, John
Richard, Duke of York Blakely, Edward
Scriver Lugo, Arthur
Sir James Blunt Maccoy, Paul
Sir James Tyrrel Fell, Richard
Sir Richard Ratcliffe Corlett, Derek
Sir Robert Brakenbury Palmer, Tony
Sir Thomas Vaughan Palmer, Tony
Sir Walter Herbert Copeland, Philip
Sir William Catesby Frith, Jonathan
Stanley, Earl of Derby Bickley, Michael
Thomas Rotherham Dill, David
Tressel Dill, Sean


Role Person
Accountant Martin, Marilyn
Acknowledgement Hallett, Bruce
Acknowledgement Jolliffe, Don
Acknowledgement Taylor, Tim
Assistant Director Webb, Brian
Assistant to Director Murray, Jill
Banners Jones, Barbara M.
Costume Co-ordinator Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Birch, Carol
Costumes Birch, Doris
Costumes Petty, Greta
Costumes Wright, Annette
Crew ?
Crew Blee, Kevin P.
Crew Butterfield, Katherine
Crew Correia, Dennis
Crew Gardner, John
Crew Jones, Barbara M.
Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Crew Lounsbury, Gary
Crew Tavares, Lyn
Crew Tavares, Michael
Crew Boss Ward, Gary
Deputy Stage Manager Ryder, Liz
Director Perry (R.A.D.A.), David
Fight Choreography Duffy, Robert
Flies Dodwell, Bonnie
Flies Harlow, Wendy
Hair Chauncy
Hastings Head Madeiros, Keith
Lighting Design Belton, Peter
Lights Gardner, John
Lights Gorham, Laura
Lights Madden, Bill
Lights Weber-Brown, Kate
Lights Williams, Viv
Make-up Cardell, Gina
Make-up Edwards, Chris
Make-up Hansford, Andrew Colin
Make-up Hollis, Adria
Make-up Jose
Make-up Madeiros, Keith
Make-up Petty, Alison
Make-up Richards, Debbie
Make-up Smith, Heidi
Music Realization Gallant, Steve
Musical Composition Palmer, Jonathan
Producer Stroeder, Janice
Programme Tavares, Lyn
Prompt Edridge, Jeanne
Prompt Gibbons, Annette
Properties Cardell, Gina
Properties Desmond-Tetlow, Honor
Properties Hollis, Adria
Properties Murray, Kimberly
Properties Petty, Alison
Properties Preston, Michelle
Properties Rose, Jonathan
Research Shirley, Candy
Research Shirley, Holly
Set Construction Blee, Kevin P.
Set Construction Correia, Dennis
Set Construction Gardner, John
Set Construction Jones, Barbara M.
Set Construction Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction Lounsbury, Gary
Set Construction Tavares, Michael
Set Construction Ward, Gary
Set Design Mills, Jon
Set Painting ?
Set Painting Butterfield, Katherine
Set Painting Dodwell, Bonnie
Set Painting Head, Sheilagh
Set Painting Midgett, Elmer
Set Painting Mulderig, Betsy
Sound Brown, Graeme
Sound Conklin, Mark
Sound Design Gallant, Steve
Stage Manager Duffy, Robert
Wardrobe Butterfield, Katherine
Wardrobe Edwards, Chris
Wardrobe Fraser, Janet
Wardrobe Holland, Susan
Wardrobe Italiano, Piera
Wardrobe Martin, Janet
Wardrobe Murray, Kimberly
Wardrobe Roberts, Hilary
Wardrobe Shirley, Candy
Wardrobe Shirley, Holly
Wardrobe Shirley, Susan
Wardrobe Stanton, Marjorie