Instone, John

Involvement Year Event
Col Judd 1999 Dead White Males
Publicity 1998 Old Mother Hubbard
Edward 1997 Kindly Leave the Stage
Acknowledgement 1996 Daylesford Singers '96
Prof. Jasper Spencer 1996 Close of Play
Sheriff of Nottingham 1995 Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood
Jarvis Huntley-Pike 1995 Chorus of Disapproval
Hallett 1994 Business of Murder
Cast 1993 Son of Gums Sucks Back Part II The Revenge
Crew 1991 Jack and the Beanstalk
Crew 1990 Aladdin
Monsieur 1990 Old Time Music Hall
Boris Alexeyevitch Trigorin 1990 Seagull
Set Construction & Crew 1989 Wizard of Oz
Doc Gibbs 1989 Our Town
Set Construction & Crew 1988 Cinderella
House Manager 1988 Odd Couple
House Manager 1988 Dresser
Assistance 1987 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Alec 1987 Key for Two
Director 1987 Merely Players - Scenes from Shakespeare
Cast 1987 Merely Players - Scenes from Shakespeare
Victor 1987 Grass is Greener
Set Construction 1986 Follow the Star
Colonel von Schmettau 1986 Dame of Sark
Lt. Com. John Challee 1985 Caine Mutiny Courtmartial
House Manager/Usher 1985 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Director 1985 84 Charing Cross Road
Cast & Crew 1984 Gums 7.5 - The Gumpowder Steal - Bermuda's 357th Spelling Error
Cast & Crew 1983 Gums IV - Not a Department Store in Red Square, Moscow
Cast & Crew 1982 Gums Two (A Bridge Too Far)
Mr. Philip Hill 1982 Whose Life Is It Anyway
Set 1982 Whose Life Is It Anyway
Crew 1981 Oliver
Crew 1981 Cherry Sisters
Crew 1981 Henry the Tenth (Part Seven)
Crew 1981 Moby Dick
Crew 1981 Streuth
Set Construction 1980 Jesus Christ Superstar
Production Assistant 1979 Sing a Song of Sixpence
Lenny 1979 Homecoming
House Manager 1979 Absurd Person Singular
Cast 1978 Best of Rattigan
Assistant Script Compiler 1978 Best of Rattigan
Stage Hand, Construction and Painting 1977 Cinderella
Sir Robert Morton 1977 Winslow Boy
Assistant Stage Manager 1977 Black Comedy
Set Construction, Painting & Crew 1977 Black Comedy
Set Construction, Painting & Crew 1977 White Liars
Assistant Stage Manager 1977 White Liars
Mr. Manningham 1977 Gaslight
Set Construction & Painting 1977 Right Honourable Gentleman
Harry Roat 1976 Wait until Dark
Cast 1976 Beyond the Fringe
Narrator 1975 Tempo - Fugue to Rock
Ulysses 1975 Tiger at the Gates
John Worthing 1974 Importance of Being Earnest
King Marmaduke 1972 Puss in Boots
Set Construction Head 1972 Not Now Darling
Assistant Stage Manager 1972 Not Now Darling
Hamlet 1972 Hamlet
Abanazar 1971 Aladdin
Tag 1970 Cinderella
Sparky 1969 Serjeant Musgrave's Dance
Archbishop Thomes Becket 0 Murder in the Cathedral