Person Year Event
Brandt, Bente 2000 Whitewater Trip
Brandt, Bente 2000 Broken Wheel
Dobbie, Monica 2000 Act of Kindness
Holberton, Pamela 1998 Galactic Gallavanting and Saving Planet Earth
Duffy, Robert 1993 Broadway Masters
Hallett, Annette 1992 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Moen, Alexandra 1989 Wily Wicked Wolf
Tyrrell, Nekisha 1989 Wily Wicked Wolf
MacFarlane, Len 1987 Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan
Webb, Brian 1986 Night at the Opera
Webb, Brian 1984 Spirit of Christmas
Webb, Brian 1983 Christmas Story
Hooper, Bonnie 1983 Tapestry of Women
Moffat, Valerie 1980 Joy of Christmas
Simons, Gerald 1976 Summer Concert including Horrortorio
Instone, John 1975 Tempo - Fugue to Rock
Watson, Joan 1965 Two Go Dancing
Meyrick, David 1964 Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Gladwin, Captain 1950 Music of the Sea