Not Now Darling

Author : Chapman, John
Author : Cooney, Ray
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
12-Jun-1972 - 17-Jun-1972


Role Person
Assistant Stage Manager Cox, Janet
Assistant Stage Manager Dyson, David
Assistant Stage Manager Instone, John
Assistant to Director Johnson, Bill
Box Office Shaw, John
Call Girl Briggs, Dorothy
Call Girl Edridge, Jeanne
Costume Design Siggins, Margaret
Costume Design Smith, Sheila
Costumes Lewis, Bronwen
Costumes Lumgair, Patsy
Costumes Montague-Smith, Helen
Costumes Overend, Daphne
Costumes Siggins, Margaret
Director White, David L.
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Front of House Olivey, Freda D.
Lighting Design Hallett, Bruce
Lights Finnerty, Margot
Lights Ganson, Clare
Lights Rushe, George
Make-up Cotterell, Vivien
Make-up Head Denninger, Pat
Poster Morcom, Carolyn
Production Manager Dufour, Madeline
Programme Morcom, Carolyn
Prompt Flanders, Ruth
Prompt Jones, Anne
Properties Collett, Judy
Properties Penwarden, Jenny
Properties Head Lovell, Marguerite
Publicity Tatem, Sandy
Set Construction Draycott, Terry
Set Construction Hallett, Bonnie
Set Construction Hallett, Bruce
Set Construction Holden, Terry
Set Construction Jeavons, Colin
Set Construction Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction Lewis, Sam
Set Construction Lowry, Paul
Set Construction Pickering, Barry
Set Construction Siggins, Margaret
Set Construction White, Reg
Set Construction White, Sarah
Set Construction Wilson, Glen
Set Construction Head Armstrong, Myra
Set Construction Head Instone, John
Set Design Montague-Smith, Michael
Sound Pocock, Jill
Sound Redding, Ora
Sound Design Watts, John
Stage Manager Wilson, Glen
Wardrobe Siggins, Margaret
Wardrobe White, Sarah
Wardrobe Mistress Hallett, Bonnie