Rayner, Eugene

Involvement Year Event
House Manager/Usher 2011 Cinderella
Tenor 2011 An Evening With Bill
Usher 2009 Robin Hood
House Manager/Usher 2009 Missing Celia Rose
Front of House 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
Front of House 2007 Sisterhood
House Manager/Usher 2007 Work of Fiction
House Manager/Usher 2007 Walk in the Park
House Manager/Usher 2007 Bermuda Triangle
House Manager/Usher 2007 Continuously Equidistant
House Manager/Usher 2007 9 Months
House Manager/Usher 2007 Grass is Greener
House Manager/Usher 2007 Sordid Lives
Tenor 2006 Daylesford Singers: Young at Heart
House Manager 2005 Robinson Crusoe
Tenor 2005 Daylesford Singers: One Sing-ular Sensation
House Manager/Usher 2004 Lend Me A Tenor
House Manager 2004 Stepping Out
Front of House 2003 Glengarry Glen Ross
House Manager 2002 Cinderella
House Manager/Usher 2002 Love's Labour's Lost
Front of House 2002 Scared Scriptless
House Manager 2001 Hay Fever
Ushers 2000 Aladdin and his wonderful lamp
House Manager 2000 Deep Blue Sea
House Manager/Usher 2000 Hot Mikado
House Manager 1999 Red Riding Hood
Front of House 1999 Cherry Orchard
House Manager 1998 Old Mother Hubbard
Lights 1998 Trojan Women
House Manager 1998 Moby Dick
House Manager 1998 Streuth
House Manager 1998 All's Well That Ends As You Like It
House Manager 1998 Stalag 69
House Manager 1997 Dick Whittington and his Cat
House Manager 1997 Do Not Disturb
House Manager 1996 Mother Goose
Sound 1993 Magic Key
Lights 1992 Sinbad the Sailor
Sound 1992 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Sound Design 1991 Staircase
House Manager 1991 School for Scandal
Acknowledgement 1991 Major Barbara
Sound 1990 Aladdin
Sound Design 1990 Da
Sound 1990 Da
Sound 1990 Streetcar Named Desire
Lights 1990 Importance of Being Earnest
Stage Manager 1990 Dining Room
Lights 1989 Wizard of Oz
Sound Design 1989 Fire Raisers
Sound 1989 Once a Catholic
Sound 1989 Our Town
Chorus 1986 Follow the Star
Tenor 1986 Night at the Opera
Tenor 1985 Christmas Concert