Hay Fever

Author : Coward, Noel
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
28-Aug-2001 - 08-Sep-2001

BMDS Trust had just been setup and this show marks the first fundraiser for it.


Role Person
Acknowledgement Burn, James
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Jeane
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Than
Acknowledgement Callaghan, Brian
Acknowledgement Copeland, Philip
Acknowledgement DeSilva, Heidi
Acknowledgement Gallant, Steve A.
Acknowledgement Goodfellow, Delight
Acknowledgement Hannan, Jim
Acknowledgement Hannan, Nancy
Acknowledgement Hind, Dusty
Acknowledgement Smith, Orlando
Acknowledgement Tucker, Dal
Assistant Stage Manager McKinnon-Burgess, Shelley
Assistant Stage Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Assistant to Director Ashton, Sue
Bartender Adwick, Peter
Bartender Ball, Stephen
Bartender Coash, Tom
Bartender Cudmore, Kevin
Bartender Dakin, Clive
Bartender Kermode, Leslie
Bartender Klesniks, Richard
Bartender Profit, Peter
Bartender Thomson, John
Bartender Zelkin, Vic
Box Office Davies, Sandra
Box Office Grubesich, Denise
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Hood, Charlotte
Box Office Keady, Barbara
Box Office Reilly, Sarat
Box Office Watts, Steve
Box Office Manager Madeiros, Andrea
Costume Design Jones, Barbara M.
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Deputy Stage Manager Butterfield, Jeane
Director McCulloch, Jane
Front of House Grubesich, Denise
Hair Birch, Carol
Hair Henderson, Rachael
House Manager Callaghan, Brian
House Manager Copeland, Philip
House Manager Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
House Manager Rayner, Eugene
House Manager Rendell, Grahame
House Manager Roberts, Hilary
House Manager Rushe, Claire
House Manager Smith, Greg
Lighting Design Bendell, Sue
Lights Blood, Chris
Lights Brier, Jim
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Udoh, Shella
Lights Watts, Steve
Make-up McKinnon-Burgess, Shelley
Make-up Udoh, Shella
Photographer Roberts, Hilary
Poster Watts, Steve
Producer Grubesich, Denise
Programme Watts, Steve
Prompt Ashton, Sue
Publicity Roberts, Hilary
Scenery Painting Rowell, Scott
Set Construction Adwick, Peter
Set Construction Blackmore, Eric
Set Construction Blood, Chris
Set Construction Elkins, Ken
Set Construction Frith, Andrew
Set Construction Kermode, Leslie
Set Construction Klesniks, Richard
Set Construction Knight, Colin
Set Construction Luckham, Kevin
Set Construction Marshall, Nick
Set Design Bendell, Sue
Set Dressing & Properties Birch, Carol
Set Dressing & Properties Goodfellow, Delight
Set Dressing & Properties Redahan, Carol
Set Dressing & Properties Rushe, Claire
Set Dressing & Properties Zubris, Donna
Set Dressing & Properties Head Hannant, Jean
Set Painting Blood, Chris
Set Painting Draycott, Jacqui
Set Painting Farmer, Simon
Set Painting Frith, Andrew
Set Painting Grubesich, Denise
Set Painting Hintz, Adrienne
Set Painting Lounsbury, Gary
Set Painting Marshall, Nick
Set Painting Nicholls, Liz
Sound Gallant, Steve A.
Sound Design Gardner, John
Sound Design Hintz, Adrienne
Stage Manager Frith, Andrew
Usher Bainbridge, Ora
Usher Copeland, Philip
Usher Cornett, Barbara
Usher Davey, Penny
Usher Davies, Sandra
Usher Fountain, Miranda
Usher Hastings-Smith, Julie
Usher Hood, Charlotte
Usher Moore, Raymond
Usher Moore, Valerie
Usher Raat, Deborah
Usher Rendell, Grahame
Usher Roberts, Hilary
Usher Rushe, Claire
Usher Saunders, Bonnie
Usher Saunders, Thomas
Usher Shane, Jo
Usher Thomson, John
Usher Williams, Janice
Usher Williams, Viv
Wardrobe Rushe, Claire
Wardrobe Shane, Jo