All's Well That Ends As You Like It

part of

Art of Coarse Acting

Author : Green, Michael
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
22-Jun-1998 - 27-Jun-1998


Role Person
Assistant Stage Manager Italiano, Piera
Assistant Stage Manager Simmonds, Karen
Box Office Bailey, Sue
Box Office Coleman, Rochelle
Box Office Moore, Valerie
Box Office Musson, Karen
Box Office Whalley, Joy
Crew Ashmore, Nick
Crew Kermode, Leslie
Crew Klesniks, Richard
Crew Mahony, Gareth
Crew Theisen, Derek
Crew Yeomans, Geoff
Director Thomson, John
House Manager Bailey, Barry J.
House Manager Rayner, Eugene
House Manager Rendell, Grahame
House Manager Stroeder, James
House Manager Swain, Michael
Lighting Design Watts, Steve
Lights Birch, Ian
Lights Harris, Bill
Lights Keeping, Derek
Lights Taylor, Judy
Lights Whalley, Andrew
Make-up Watts, Katherine
Poster Gallant, Steve
Producer Grubesich, Denise
Producer Taylor, Judy
Producer Yeomans, Cynthia
Programme Yeomans, Cynthia
Prompt Watts, Katherine
Properties Coleman, Rochelle
Properties Gibbons, Jackie
Properties Hill, Sue
Properties Moore, Valerie
Properties Woods, Alison
Publicity Davey, Penny
Set Construction Ashmore, Nick
Set Construction Blee, Kevin P.
Set Construction Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction Leseur, Andrew
Set Construction Lounsbury, Gary
Set Construction Theisen, Derek
Set Design Butterfield, Jeane
Set Dressing Leseur, Andrew
Set Dressing Tavares, Lyn
Set Painting Leseur, Andrew
Set Painting Tavares, Lyn
Sound Andrade, David
Sound Gardner, John
Sound Hintz, Adrienne
Special Effects Birch, Ian
Stage Manager Lounsbury, Gary
Usher Ashton, Sue
Usher Blakley, Michael
Usher Blakley, Susan
Usher Draycott, Jacqui
Usher Hopkins, Mary
Usher Lorhan, John
Usher Melotti, Anna
Usher Raat, Deborah
Usher Walker, Kay
Usher Yates, Anita
Wardrobe Anderson, Jasmine
Wardrobe Bailey, Sue
Wardrobe Coleman, Rochelle
Wardrobe Jordan, Sue
Wardrobe Mistress Harris, Anna