Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Author : Adams, Douglas
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
04-May-1992 - 09-May-1992

Prince Edward toured the Daylesford facilities and saw a dress rehearsal of this show.


Role Person
Acknowledgement Edney, Bruce
Acknowledgement Edney, Sue
Acknowledgement Larner, Colin
Acknowledgement Rowlerson, Paul
Acknowledgement Smythe, Nancy
Adaptation Petherbridge, Jonathan
Assistant Director Jones, Barbara M.
Assistant Producer Garner, Elizabeth
Assistant Stage Manager Hollis, Adria
Box Office Ambrose, Kelly
Box Office Dodwell, Bonnie
Box Office McCullagh, Susan
Box Office Perry, Ilona
Box Office Manager Martin, Marilyn
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Costumes Riddell, Emma
Crew Sears, Bernadette
Crew Ward, Gary
Director March, Chris
Front of House Lough, John
Hair Moore, Mandy A.
Hair Rigg, Donna
Hairstyling Duffy, Karen
Lighting Design Reese, Arthur M.
Lights Barton, Christopher
Lights Byrd, David
Lights Dallas, Kynell
Lights Smith, Wilbert
Make-up Childs, Sally
Make-up Mulder, Margo
Make-up Head Wiest, Margaret
Photographer Belton, Peter
Poster Gallant, Steve
Producer Ryder, Liz
Programme MacGregor, Evelyn
Prompt Hannant, Jean
Properties Martin, Marilyn
Properties Martin, Mike
Properties Van-Brauge, Max
Properties Head Kaye, Hannah
Publicity Farmer, Simon
Set Construction Dudden, Steve
Set Construction Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Construction Lounsbury, Gary
Set Construction O'Neill, Charles
Set Construction Shirley, Candy
Set Construction Shirley, Holly
Set Construction Shirley, John
Set Construction Shirley, Susan
Set Construction Van-Brauge, Max
Set Construction Ward, Gary
Set Construction Head Duffy, Robert
Set Design Conger, Steve
Sound Bailey, Barry J.
Sound Bainbridge, Alan
Sound Borrill, Jon
Sound De Oliveira, John
Sound Foister, Louise
Sound Gallant, Steve
Sound Hassell, Colin
Sound Keeble, Graham
Sound Lathan, Richie
Sound Rawsthorne, Chauncy
Sound Rayner, Eugene
Sound Saunders, Ian
Sound Van-Brauge, Max
Sound Design Comber, Nicholas
Stage Manager Waddell, Beverley