Hopkins, Mary

Also known as ..
Ede, Mary, Hopkins, Mrs. Robert

Involvement Year Event
House Manager/Usher 2010 Firebird
House Manager/Usher 2009 Absurdities of the Season
Usher 2007 Slippered Pantaloon
House Manager 2006 Ali Baba and the 14 Thieves
House Manager/Usher 2004 Sleeping Beauty
Usher 1999 Red Riding Hood
House Manager 1999 Oleanna
Usher 1998 Moby Dick
Usher 1998 Streuth
Usher 1998 All's Well That Ends As You Like It
Usher 1998 Stalag 69
Usher 1995 Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood
Usher 1989 Wizard of Oz
House Manager 1989 Wizard of Oz
Usher 1988 Cinderella
Alto 1977 Choral and Instrumental Music
Alto 1976 Christmas Concert
Alto 1976 Summer Concert including Horrortorio
Contralto 1972 Summer Concert
Contralto 1971 B.M.D.S. Chorus
Alto 1970 Recital of Christmas Music
Alto 1970 Spring Concert
Lighting Design 1968 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Lighting Consultant 1967 Jack and the Beanstalk
Call Girl 1967 Jack and the Beanstalk
Lighting Design 1966 Sinbad the Sailor
Lighting Design 1966 Streetcar Named Desire
Lighting Design 1966 Hotel Paradiso
Production Manager 1966 Hotel Paradiso
Capulet 1966 Ring Round The Moon
Cassandra 1965 Tiger at the Gates
Box Office 1965 Hollow Crown
Box Office 1965 Roots
Lights 1965 Winslow Boy
Lights 1964 Twelfth Night
Lights 1964 Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Lights 1964 Shades of Shakespeare
Lights 1964 Why Don't You Answer Me
Lights 1963 Come Blow Your Horn
Lights 1963 Coppelia
Lights 1963 Giselle
Crew 1963 Susana y Jose
Lights 1963 Sabrina Fair
Lights 1963 Man Who Came To Dinner
Electricians 1962 Bermuda Ballet 1962 Part II
Electricians 1962 Bermuda Ballet 1962 Part I
Lights 1962 Roar Like a Dove
Assistant Stage Manager 1962 Gaslight
Lights 1962 Another Showcase
Properties 1961 Not in the Book
Properties 1960 Small Hotel
Properties 1960 Firstborn
Properties 1959 Phipps
Properties 1959 Trifles
Properties 1959 Where the Cross is Made