Assistant Producer

Person Year Event
Nebard, Jasper 2015 Communicating Doors
Dye, Christopher 2013 Improvised Comedy Cup Match 2013
Little, Naomi 2007 Sisterhood
Hastings-Smith, Julie 2007 Sordid Lives
Shane, Jo 2006 Pandora's Drawers
Shane, Jo 2006 Listers
Shane, Jo 2006 He Did It Again
Shane, Jo 2006 Start
Shane, Jo 2006 Art Lesson
Shane, Jo 2006 Hey Sister
Slaughter, Janet 2002 Cinderella
Slaughter, Janet 2002 A Collier's Tuesday Tea
Slaughter, Janet 2002 Present Slaughter
Slaughter, Janet 2002 Last Call For Breakfast
Slaughter, Janet 2002 Trapped
Coash, Tom 2002 Vagina Monologues
Ezekiel, Kendra 2002 Vagina Monologues
Harriott, Kathy 2002 Vagina Monologues
Outerbridge, Lisabet 2002 Vagina Monologues
Simons, Andra 2002 Vagina Monologues
Gillespie, Deletta 2001 Our Country's Good
Tappy, Carol 2000 Major Star
Tappy, Carol 2000 Amy and Amiability
Tappy, Carol 2000 Bells
Hintz, Adrienne 1999 Red Riding Hood
DeSilva, Heidi 1999 Oleanna
Taylor, Judy 1998 Silly Cow
Davis, Tanya 1996 Mother Goose
Dodwell, Bonnie 1996 Lettice and Lovage
Coffey, Helen 1995 Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood
Vallender, Ian 1995 Old Time Music Hall
Tavares, Lyn 1995 Steel Magnolias
Roberts, Hilary 1993 Glass Menagerie
Garner, Elizabeth 1992 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Dodwell, Bonnie 1991 Jack and the Beanstalk
Gorham, Laura 1991 What the Butler Saw
Dodwell, Bonnie 1991 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Tavares, Lyn 1991 Staircase
Foister, Louise 1991 Glass Menagerie
Cabral, Warren 1990 Aladdin
Foister, Louise 1990 Aladdin
Tayler, Hazel 1990 Old Time Music Hall
Gallant, Steve 1990 Streetcar Named Desire
Cabral, Warren 1989 Wizard of Oz
Dudden, Steve 1989 Wizard of Oz
Dudden, Steve 1989 Fire Raisers
Whalley, Andrew 1989 Antigone, Scenes from
Whalley, Andrew 1989 Oedipus, Scenes from
Stanton, Marjorie 1989 Once a Catholic
Cavill, Pat 1988 Cinderella
Roberts, Paul 1988 Cinderella
Freemantle, Kate 1987 Key for Two