Christmas Carol

Author : Dickens, Charles
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
04-Dec-1980 - 13-Dec-1980


Role Person
Adaptation Thomsen, Richard
Assistant Stage Manager Arnold, Jack
Assistant Stage Manager Draycott, Terry
Assistant Stage Manager Finocchietti, Fran
Assistant Stage Manager Law, Christino
Assistant Stage Manager Lough, John
Assistant Stage Manager McCammont, Fiona
Assistant Stage Manager Moffat, Mark
Assistant Stage Manager Moffett, Jenny
Assistant Stage Manager Morgan, Ken
Assistant Stage Manager Pantry, Madelaine
Assistant Stage Manager Rathmell, Jenny
Assistant Stage Manager Robinson, Lorraine
Assistant Stage Manager Rushe, George
Assistant Stage Manager Weakley, Al
Assistant Stage Manager Wheadon, Valerie
Assistant to Director Bruce, Angela
Box Office Manager Manuel, Candy
Business Manager Holden, Terry
Costume Design Bendell, Annette
Costume Design Langmead, Liz
Costumes Brennan, Lorraine
Costumes Hill, Monica
Costumes Instone, Susan
Costumes Johann, Elizabeth
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Costumes Kimblin, Judy
Costumes Lowry, Veronica
Costumes Mello, Jennifer
Costumes Worrall, Rosemary
Deputy Stage Manager Rhilinger, Lois
Deputy Stage Manager Worrall, John
Director Schimer, Doug
Front of House Callaghan, Madeline
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Front of House Olivey, Freda D.
Hairstyling Barbezat, Alain
Lighting Design Brown, Glen
Lights Ackroyd, Barbara
Lights Callaghan, Brian
Lights Cox, Margot
Lights Gibbons, Annette
Lights Hall, Carol
Lights MacKenzie, Debbie
Lights Openshaw, Clive
Lights Perikli, Beverly
Lights Simpson, Janet C.
Lights Worrall, John
Make-up Cox, Penelope
Make-up Messiry, Anna
Make-up Head Boyce, Pauline
Photographer Birch, Ian
Poster Johnson, Cathy
Production Manager Wheadon, Valerie
Programme Johnson, Cathy
Prompt Edridge, Jeanne
Prompt Johnson, Irene
Prompt MacGregor, Evelyn
Properties Comber, Patricia
Properties Lea, Kathleen
Properties Lovell, Marguerite
Properties Mitchell, Lynda
Properties Sherman, Daphne
Properties Sherman, Roger W.
Properties Smith, Barbara
Properties Head Smith, Valerie
Publicity Johnson, Cathy
Set Construction Ackroyd, Barbara
Set Construction Arnold, Jack
Set Construction Callaghan, Brian
Set Construction Conway, Carolyn
Set Construction Finocchietti, Gabrial
Set Construction Hallett, Bruce
Set Construction Kennedy, Alan
Set Construction Leers, Randy
Set Construction Lough, John
Set Construction Morgan, Ken
Set Construction Openshaw, Clive
Set Construction Outerbridge, James
Set Construction Perikli, Beverly
Set Construction Trott, Leon
Set Construction Weakley, Al
Set Construction Worrall, John
Set Construction Head Lobb, Graham
Set Construction Head Spurling, Stanley
Set Design Conway, Steve
Set Design White, Reg
Sound McIntosh, Philip
Sound Woodhouse, Peter
Sound Head Hull, Rowland
Special Effects Head Waddell, Leslie
Stage Manager Birch, Ian
Wardrobe Brennan, Lorraine
Wardrobe Clark, Dot
Wardrobe Spencer, Suzanne
Wardrobe Stanton, Marjorie
Wardrobe Tattoo, Christine
Wardrobe Mistress Worrall, Rosemary