Ten Little Indians

Author : Christie, Agatha
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
07-May-1982 - 15-May-1982
Character Person
Anthony Marston Lowe, John
Dr. Armstrong MacFarlane, Len
Emily Brent Bendell, Annette
Fred Narracott Leers, F. Randolph
General Dawson Evans, Donald W.
Mrs. Rogers Brown, Shirley N.
Philip Lombard Wilson, Gavin
Rogers Kett, Charles
Sir Lawrence Wargrave Orman, Tony
Vera Claythorne Bruce, Angela
William Blore Lowry, Paul
Role Person
Assistant Stage Manager Brennan, Lorraine
Assistant to Director Mello, Jennifer
Box Office Orman, Daphne
Costumes Bendell, Annette
Costumes Cooper, Janet
Costumes Langmead, Liz
Costumes Mello, Jennifer
Deputy Stage Manager Morgan, Barbara
Director Wells, Bernard
Front of House Lough, Hazel
Indian Dolls Hooper, BarBara
Lights Cox, Janet
Lights Finnerty, Brian
Lights Hall, Carol
Make-up Cox, Penelope
Make-up Profit, John
Poster Johnson, Cathy
Production Manager Hooper, BarBara
Programme Johnson, Cathy
Properties Bragg, Eve
Properties Cunningham, Janet
Properties Smith, Valerie
Properties Worrall, Rosemary
Publicity Wells, Bernard
Set Construction Beebe, Glen
Set Construction Dodds, Barry
Set Construction Duffy, Robert
Set Construction Johnson, Charles
Set Construction MacKenzie, Debbie
Set Construction Martin, Mike
Set Construction Midgett, Elmer
Set Construction O'Neill, David
Set Construction Spurling, Stanley
Set Design Spurling, Stanley
Sound Mello, Glenda
Sound Sherwood, David
Special Properties Waddell, Leslie
Stage Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Wardrobe Brooks, Trish
Wardrobe Cross, Janet
Wardrobe Fioca, Jane
Wardrobe Gaynor, Fiona
Wardrobe Lovell, Marguerite