Tucker, Dal

Involvement Year Event
Chrysale 2007 Sisterhood
Bartender 2007 Work of Fiction
Bartender 2007 Walk in the Park
Bartender 2007 Bermuda Triangle
Bartender 2007 Continuously Equidistant
Bartender 2007 9 Months
Bartender 2007 Grass is Greener
Durdless/Nick Cricker 2007 Mystery of Edwin Drood
Bar 2007 Sordid Lives
Bartender 2006 Pandora's Drawers
Bartender 2006 Listers
Bartender 2006 He Did It Again
Bartender 2006 Start
Bartender 2006 Art Lesson
Bartender 2006 Hey Sister
Bartender 2005 California Suite
Bartender 2005 Wit
Bartender 2005 Daylesford Singers: One Sing-ular Sensation
Cameron Day 2005 White Cedars
Acknowledgement 2004 Lend Me A Tenor
Bar 2004 Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Man in the Park 2003 After the Fall
Father 2003 After the Fall
Crew 2003 Glengarry Glen Ross
Anthony Dull 2002 Love's Labour's Lost
Senex 2002 Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Richard Greatham 2001 Hay Fever
Acknowledgement 2001 Hay Fever
John Rugby 1995 Merry Wives of Windsor
Jim 1993 Glass Menagerie
Chorus 1992 Sinbad the Sailor
Chorus 1991 Jack and the Beanstalk