Rubin, Judith

Involvement Year Event
Box Office 1994 Don't Start
Box Office 1994 Footsteps of Doves
Box Office 1994 I'm Herbert
Box Office 1994 Obit for a Polar Bear
Box Office 1994 Villa for Sale
Old Woman 1993 Magic Key
Box Office 1993 Broadway Masters
Box Office 1993 Son of Gums Sucks Back Part II The Revenge
Box Office 1992 Extremities
Box Office 1992 Love Letters
Box Office Manager 1992 Little Foxes
Box Office 1992 Family Affair
Front of House 1992 Family Affair
Box Office 1992 Forever Yours
Front of House 1992 Forever Yours
Acknowledgement 1991 Jack and the Beanstalk
Woman in Joe's Life 1991 Blues
Box Office Manager 1991 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Acknowledgement 1991 Staircase
Rummy 1991 Major Barbara
Crew 1990 Aladdin
Madame 1990 Old Time Music Hall
Properties 1990 Old Time Music Hall
Wardrobe 1990 Streetcar Named Desire
Marcie 1990 Dead Lines
Properties 1990 Importance of Being Earnest
Publicity 1989 Wizard of Oz
Assistant Stage Manager 1989 Once a Catholic