Orman, Tony

Involvement Year Event
Cast & Crew 1984 Gums 7.5 - The Gumpowder Steal - Bermuda's 357th Spelling Error
Cast & Crew 1983 Gums IV - Not a Department Store in Red Square, Moscow
Cast & Crew 1982 Gums Two (A Bridge Too Far)
Sir Lawrence Wargrave 1982 Ten Little Indians
Front of House 1982 Red Riding Hood
Fagin 1981 Oliver
Scrooge 1980 Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens 1980 Christmas Carol
Monsieur 1980 Vaudeville and Old Tyme Music Hall
Author 1980 Modified American Plan
Director 1980 Modified American Plan
Husband 1980 Modified American Plan
Additional Material 1979 Sing a Song of Sixpence
Ronald 1979 Absurd Person Singular
Henry 1978 My Fat Friend
Acknowledgement 1977 Cinderella
Desmond Curry 1977 Winslow Boy
Morgenhall 1977 Dock Brief
Sir James Russell 1977 Right Honourable Gentleman
Ifbutt, the Court Jester 1976 Little Matchgirl
Old Frowsty 1976 Devil His Due
Grigory Stepanovich Smirnov 1976 Bear